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spin casino Affiliate Programs

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Spin Casino  CPA NL


Spin Casino CPA NL

  • NL
Gambling and Games
Spin Casino  CPA NL Offer watch
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Affiliate Program - Spin Casino CPA NL Description

To start the offer each webmaster must take his own personal link from his manager!
Paid event: for accumulative deposit 20$ from active player.
Please see KPI in its special KPI table below.
Geo: Netherlands
Offer’s specific features:
Postback fires only for registration and the first deposit. You will know which deposits are qualified only after verification.
Advertiser has Malta license for the offer.
Currency that is accepted on the site is eur
Payout possibilities - VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Neteller, Paysafe card, Skrill
Languages of landings are: english
All webmasters connected to the offers anytime should be ready to share screenshots of used sources - to prove that they're generating traffic from the appropriate sources.
Procedure for verification: twice a month
Procedure for payment: once a month up to 20th for the previous month
Test volume:
Each new partner is allowed to run a test volume - 20 deposits. The test volume must be reached within 2 month.
Verification and confirmation won't be carried out if the test volume has not been reached and the test period has not been met. Traffic evaluation can be for 1 - 4 weeks which depends on advertiser
Webmaster has to notice his manager about finishing the test
Hold: 14 days
After the test there can be some hold period (from advertiser) if traffic quality has decreased
Strictly forbidden:
To specify sum of minimum deposit in creatives
Untargeted audience (insolvent, under 18 y.o., interested in quick money gain, working at home etc.)
Traffic from task exchange websites
Mislead (promise of nonexistent)
Motivated traffic, fraud - any fraudulent activities - using not owned payout methods and accounts, ddos, calling in friends or relatives etc.
It's not allowed to use offer tracking links directly, without reductions
Won’t be paid:
Traffic which suits 1 or more forbidden features
Zero activity traffic (no deposits, no bets, no repeated deposits etc.)
Non-testing traffic that doesn’t meet offer’s KPI
Multi-accounts, testing conversions, fraudulent.
It is compulsory for all webmasters! Before sending traffic, please, carefully study the offer’s terms and follow them. If anything is unclear or several terms require additional discussion (sources, creatives, approach etc), please, contact your AM to resolve all issues before start running the offer. Otherwise you will personally take responsibility in full for the way you work and the promotion results.
Watch My Spin Casino (CA, NZ) (CPS) (Personal Approval)

Watch Spin Casino

Watch My Spin Casino (CA, NZ) (CPS) (Personal Approval)

  • CA
  • NZ
Gambling and Games, Shopping and Retail
Watch My Spin Casino (CA, NZ) (CPS) (Personal Approval) Offer watch
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$88.69 ?
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Affiliate Program - Watch My Spin Casino (CA, NZ) (CPS) (Personal Approval) Description

Description: Enjoy a huge range of slots and online casino games including Blackjack, Roulette and Live Casino
Requirements: Pixel fires on minimum deposit €20 or equal and email/phone verification of the account
You need to provide an email proof or a placement before you start running the offer. Conversions without an email proof or a placement will be rejected
Payment Terms: NET7
Allowed Methods of Promotion: Display, Email (email must be GDPR compliant), Facebook, Mobile, Native, PPC, SEO, Social
Restrictions: No Adult, No Fraud, No Incent, No duplicates (multiple accounts from same IP, same CC, same email)
BigSpin Casino - Featured Games | Multi-Geo

BigSpin Casino

BigSpin Casino - Featured Games | Multi-Geo

  • ALL
BigSpin Casino - Featured Games | Multi-Geo Offer watch
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Affiliate Program - BigSpin Casino - Featured Games | Multi-Geo Description

Whether you prefer a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, when you decide to use the, you’re going to get the first class thrill of a lifetime from the vast majority of elite online casino providers in the industry via a no download platform that is simple to access at any time no matter where you are!, which was created and made its debut in 2017, is fully licensed casino with one simple goal: To provide our members with a supreme Online Casino experience that is second to none!
In addition to our stunning welcome bonuses, we also provide daily bonuses each week, special bonuses and a multitude of casino promotions created with the intention of taking or treasure players to an entirely new next level of online gaming! Powered by Betsoft & Nucleus casino software, our game selection delivers a visually stunning and realistic experience with every single bet. Roulette, Craps, Slots, Blackjack and Pai gow Poker and many other game titles can be played for either simple fun – or real cash! In addition to our one of a kind gaming experience, we offer players numerous perks and additional benefits:
Find spin casino affiliate programs, spin casino affiliates, spin casino affiliate offers and spin casino CPA offers from hundreds of spin casino affiliate networks using our sophisticated spin casino affiliate program search engine. When choosing a network, we advise you don’t go on pay-out alone, just because a network offers the highest paying spin casino affiliate programs doesn’t mean it’s always the best option. Before signing up to any of the spin casino affiliate programs listed, make sure you check out the spin casino affiliate network reviews aswell to make an informed decision."