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regal Affiliate Programs

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ES-Spanish (CPA) oferta-regalo ocu

ES-Spanish (CPA) oferta-regalo ocu

  • ES
Mobile, Shopping and Retail
ES-Spanish (CPA) oferta-regalo ocu Offer watch
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Affiliate Program - ES-Spanish (CPA) oferta-regalo ocu Description

ES-Spanish (CPA) oferta-regalo ocu
- the user choose which package to subscribes to on the second page.
Traffic type: Social and Incent - needs to be pre-approved; No Adult & P2P traffic allowed;
Offer key points:
- Welcome Gift: Smartphone / smartwatch + free print magazines - subscribers pay only 4€ / month and receive a FREE welcome gift
- advice from 50 lawyers
- savings of more than 1500€.
Best Practices and Email Terms apply
TEST-ANKOOP: A well-known brand to every well-informed consumer, brings a highly convertible and attractive offer. With +300,000 members in each of the 5 target-GEOs, Test-Achats is the lead. More than 8 years ago, Test-Achats launched its unique offer in Belgium, an offer very few could resist. Judge for yourself : - subscribers receive the Test-Achats and Budget et Droits magazines.

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