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Mennation - PPS - Responsive on CrakRevenue

Affiliate Program: Mennation - PPS - Responsive
Payout: $39.00
Network: CrakRevenue   - Join CrakRevenue
Send all your gay dating traffic to this awesome offer and get paid for each sale.
Payable Action:
Signup form submit with valid Credit Card number
Conversion Flow - CC BILLING:
User follows the click to action
User lands on the billing page
User provides a valid credit card and makes an initial purchase
Payable action triggers
Accepted Promotion Methods:
Search Tag:Mennation
Category: Dating,Vertical - Dating,Desktop,Targeting - Desktop,Targeting - Mobile,Email and Zip Submits,Promo Method - All,PPS,Payout - PPS
Allowed Traffic: Email
Country: Austria , Australia , Belgium , Brazil , Canada , Chile , Costa Rica , Germany , Spain , France , United Kingdom , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Mexico , Netherlands , Norway , New Zealand , Sweden , Singapore , Taiwan, Republic of China , United States of America
Offer terms: {"restrictions":["No Incentive Traffic","No Chat Traffic"]}

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CrakRevenue is an adult CPA program created by some of the industrie’s biggest affiliates. What separates us from other CPA networks is this: Instead of having hundreds of different offers, we make available only the highest converting products tested over millions of hits by our in-house team. For each offer, we do the hard work of creating custom landing pages and banners that are tweaked for optimal conversion rates. Each affiliate has can use these pages for their own promotional needs. We also specialize in converting that pesky Tier 2 and 3 traffic. We thrive on creating geo-targeted sales pages and giving you access to tools to properly filter your traffic so that a visitor see’s only offers that are available in his country and in his language. Promoting CrakRevenue is really a no-brainer. Plug our ads into your site and watch the money come in.


2/3/2020 4:37:09 AM
Offers: 1
Payout: 1
Tracking: 1
Support: 1

Worthless communication. Doesn't reply on new affiliates and also very arrogant. Viktor from doesn't reply at all, while you do see he has read your mails. I guess its a loss for them as they just missed a 'whale' affiliate.


10/4/2018 5:36:34 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

Absolutely awesome network. You will find many exclusive offers here. I love working with them and highly recommend it.


9/23/2018 11:07:23 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

CrakRevenue is the one of the largest and most trusted CPA Network in the industry. It has extensive affiliate marketing expertise and top-converting traffic monetization products. CrakRevenue is actually a leader in this field.


8/15/2018 1:08:14 PM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

CrakRevenue is an excellent network with so many attractive adult offers and I always receive my payment in due time every single week. It is one fo the biggest, oldest and most trusted CPA Networks in the industry. With years of extensive affiliate marketing expertise and a vast array of high quality, top-converting traffic monetization products, CrakRevenue is really a leader in its field.

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MenNation - Gay HookUps - CPS Description

Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys Near You!
Conversion Requirements: User must purchase membership, or other dating related service for conversion. - “Initial Order”
Offer Cap: None Assigned.
Restrictions:No Incentive TrafficPlease contact your account manager if you would like to promote via Email, must be preapproved before promotion begins.
Note:ALL custom ad copies such as banners, pre-landers, jump pages etc. Must be approved by advertiser prior to campaign launch.
Allowed Promotions
PPC / Search advertising (No Brand Bidding)
Banner / Web Display
Social networks advertising
Social networks Apps
In Apps Advertising
Toolbar - advertising
Adult traffic
PopUp Advertising
PopUnder Advertising
Doorway pages
Disallowed Promotions
Incentive Traffic
Email traffic (opt-in basis only)
Chat Traffic
SMS traffic
Push - advertising
Virus Traffic
Tracking Requirements:
Affiliate Networks or affiliates working with sub-affiliates MUST pass the Publishers ID into the "sub1" parameter, you may use "sub2" for your unique Click ID.
Please feel free to use your OWN Banners and pre-landers, however, they must be approved before launch.
Please be advised that the advertiser reserves the right to cancel all invalid and fraudulent leads / conversions.

MenNation - Gay HookUps - CPS Terms

Please note: Conversions may be adjusted if a non-standard payment source is used by the referred user.
"Non-Standard Payment Source" means certain payment sources, e.g., pre-paid credit cards, gift cards, certain foreign credit cards, that cannot be used for auto-renew purposes on an FFN Site, and any payment type from the following countries: Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Jamaica, Kenya, Korea, Republic of Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela, and Zambia;