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KL - LifeLock (US) - Email Traffic Only on ClearLinkMedia

Affiliate Program: KL - LifeLock (US) - Email Traffic Only
Payout: 21.50%
Network: ClearLinkMedia   - Join ClearLinkMedia
Description: Get 30 days free, plus 10% off Lifelock Memberships.
Requirements: Converts on valid sale.
Restrictions: Fraudulent lead data such as obviously fake names combined with bad phone numbers and/or hard email bounces or invalid email addresses may result in returns. Fraudulent sale data such as fake or cancelled credit cards may also result in returns. US Only. NO Incent. Email Only. Must send proof before offer goes live. Must use only approved from and subject lines. The asterisk symbol is required. If asterisk symbol is NOT used the proof will not be approved. LifeLock must be spelled with two capital Ls. s2s. USD
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ClearLinkMedia.com is an affiliate network that provides performance based online marketing for advertisers and publishers. Our team of media buyers consists of several years of online marketing experience working with Advertisers, Publishers, and other affiliate networks.

ClearLinkMedia.com was launched to provide advertisers and other publishers a top tier experience and unparallel support. Today online marketing is challenging, especially with so many new Networks and offers appearing daily. At ClearLinkMedia.com we strive to be the best and provide the best service for our members. We live for Service, we provide Quality, we operate on Ethics, we drive Performance, we are innovators and we leverage Technology.

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