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Website Hosting Services | VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers | HostGator India.
Converts on: Sale
Conversion Flow:
1. New user makes a purchase.
2. Sale is counted and credited.
Tracking Information:
Frequency - Realtime (Maximum delay 3 HRS)
Cookie Duration - 30 Days
Validation Window - 90 Days
Web - Available
Mobile Web - Available
App - Not Available
Deeplink - Available (ONLY through Deeplink Tool here)
Multiple Conversions - Not Available
Promotion Methods:
Text Link - Allowed
Banner - Allowed
Deals - Allowed (Generic & the ones uploaded here)
Coupons - Allowed
Cashback - Not Allowed
Email (Text) - Allowed
Custom Email (Text) - Not Allowed
Email (HTML) - Allowed
Custom Email (HTML) - Not Allowed
POP Traffic - Not Allowed
Native Ads - Not Allowed
Social Media - Not Allowed
Facebook Ads - Not Allowed
SEM - Brand Keyword(s) - Not Allowed
SEM - Generic Keyword(s) - Not Allowed
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s) - Not Allowed
Special Instructions:
1. Non commissionable item: Domain.
2. All Hosting plans are payable & Add-on’s or single add-ons purchases will not be payable.
3. Coupons to be used only which are available in CSV
4. The affiliate needs to maintain a CR of 0.5%.
5. Initially all the conversions will track at commission of USD 87.50 but every conversions will get adjusted as per below mentioned Incentive slab in a month at the time of validation.
Approved Orders/Sales
New Payout
FTC ("Endorsement Guidelines")
Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising ("Endorsement Guidelines"), and as updated in 2015, you are required to disclose any material connections.
If you provide reviews, rankings, endorsements, testimonials, blogs, or content of any kind about any HostGator service for which you receive commissions, you must clearly disclose the fact that you receive such compensation in a clear and prominent place in close proximity to your endorsement. This disclosure must appear on every page that includes your endorsement and cannot require the consumer to scroll through multiple page views, or click on secondary links behind vague words such as "Disclaimer."
The FTC takes the Endorsement Guidelines seriously and continues to bring enforcement actions against a wide range of companies, including marketers, advertisers, affiliates, PR agencies, web influencers, and others. vCommission has an obligation to monitor our affiliate program, and we take this obligation very seriously. vCommission monitors affiliate sites to ensure that our services are represented appropriately and that they comply with the FTC Endorsement Guidelines as per Hostgator Affiliate Program. As stated failure to comply with the Endorsement Guidelines could result in your removal from the HostGator affiliate program as well as the cancellation of all commissions due to you.

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