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Harp Mortgage Saver-US-Email No Incent on ClearLinkMedia

Affiliate Program: Harp Mortgage Saver-US-Email No Incent
Payout: 11.20%
Network: ClearLinkMedia   - Join ClearLinkMedia
Conversion Point: 1st page submit \r\nAccepted Traffic: email\r\nAccepted GEO: US\r\nRestrictions: No incent\r\n\r\nFrom lines:\r\nHarp Program\r\nHarp Mortgage Saver\r\n\r\nSubject lines:\r\nObama waives Credit Score requirements for Refinancing. Take advantage while you can!\r\n\r\nObama Announces HARP Program. Refinance and Save Thousands a year\r\n\r\nUnsubscribe link: http://www.harpmortgagesaver.com/opt-out.php\r\n\r\nsuppression list: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hkmzg6g4jqgiww/HarpMortgageSaver%20supp.txt?dl=0

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