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Affiliate Program: Gwynnie Bee
Payout: $75.00
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At the forefront of merging technology and fashion, Gwynnie Bee is an online clothing subscription service that allows women to access an unlimited wardrobe in order to shop better, wear smarter, and rediscover the fun of fashion. The company offers a variety of monthly plans that allow members to "wear the trend today and return it tomorrow," bypassing the commitment of buying clothing. Gwynnie Bee encourages its members to "raid our closet" of over 150 brands and 3,000 styles. Some of their most popular brands include London Times, Lucky Brand, and Vince Camuto. In January 2018, the company ventured into a size-inclusive model, expanding their size range from an initial offering of sizes 10–32. The first subscription model company to approach size inclusivity not by expanding a misses offering into plus but vice versa, Gwynnie Bee reframed size inclusivity as an initiative that should start with the majority of women and continue to prioritize their needs. Gwynnie Bee stated that the expansion would open the door to greater buying power in the market and enable them to work strategically with new brands and designers, encouraging others to embrace size inclusivity. Additionally, with a full spectrum of sizes offered, members of the service would be able to share their experience with friends, family, and others, regardless of size. The media has called the service the Netflix of fashion and Netflix for clothes due to the similarities in their service models. In both instances, a member creates a queue of desired items, receives and keeps a shipment at home for any length of time, and sends the item back in a pre-paid envelope for new items when they're ready.
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75$ Flat Rate (Per Referral)

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