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fastweb Affiliate Programs

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Fastweb IT


Fastweb IT

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Internet and technology
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Affiliate Program - Fastweb IT Description

ADSL o Fibra Ottica, Telefono e TV senza canone TIM. Sky & Fastweb, il top per TV e Internet. Articoli, tecnologia, e-mail e servizi anche su cellulare
[WEB+MOB] CheTariffa - Fastweb home /IT CPS


[WEB+MOB] CheTariffa - Fastweb home /IT CPS

  • IT
Home and Garden
[WEB+MOB] CheTariffa - Fastweb home /IT CPS Offer watch
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$35.48 ?
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Affiliate Program - [WEB+MOB] CheTariffa - Fastweb home /IT CPS Description

Flow:  user do a registration on offer page to have more informations about service, then our call center call back him and if the user confirm and subscribe a contract pixel is fired.(from registration to
sale is taking around 2 days) Fasweb is an italian service for a telco.The best converting age 21+The best converting traffic are: email or native (except taboola )Facebook is also converting good, push has not good results.Avg Reg to sale rate is 30% for email and native traffic.Event tracking is set for registrations (non-payable).call centers working hours 08.00 am - 08.00 pm GMT+1
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