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es - solcredito Affiliate Programs

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ES - Solcredito CPL / CPA

ES - Solcredito CPL / CPA

Banking and Finance
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Affiliate Program - ES - Solcredito CPL / CPA Description

Get paid for every loan application from new client.
Results are reviewed and confirmed monthly
Solcredito is a ground-breaking online lender based in Barcelona. We launched our company in May 2011 and we are currently developing rapidly to became one of the Spain's most innovative credit businesses. Our mission is to solve people's short term and urgent cash flow problems with an equally short term and responsible solution.
Solcredito es una entidad de préstamos online con domicilio en Barcelona. Nuestra empresa se fundó en mayo de 2011 y actualmente nos estamos desarrollando rápidamente para convertirnos en una de las entidades de crédito más innovadoras de España. Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer soluciones responsables a corto plazo para problemas de liquidez urgentes y a corto plazo.
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