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ems trainer Affiliate Programs

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EMS Trainer - IT

EMS Trainer

EMS Trainer - IT

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Sports and Fitness
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Affiliate Program - EMS Trainer - IT Description

Exclusively designed Muscle Toner & Abs Stimulator Abdominal Toning Belt EMS provides efficient muscle training. High-conductivity gel sheets achieve a reduction in electrical resistance. Electricity gets delivered to the body evenly and with high accuracy. The trainer is more effective than waist trimmer / trainer. There are four main uses for EMS in sport training. First, for the enhancement of maximum strength; second, as a means of recovery; third, as a rehabilitation tool; and fourth, as a motor learning and muscle recruitment tool. It’s amazing seeing and feeling your body muscles flex while relaxing. EMS Trainer stimulator device will be able to engage more body muscles for the given muscle group at one time than you would be able to flex using your maximum effort. You will work up from low to higher intensities to fit your fitness level. What is EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation)? Signals are directly sent to your muscles and boosted movement by current stimulation. You only need to fit pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles. Train up to 30 days in a raw to achieve maximum effect! Power: 6 AAA batteries (not included). Frequency: 1-100 HZ. Using Mode: 6 modes. Working Time: 12 Minutes. Output: 9.8 mA. Warnings: Keep out of reach of children.
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