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counseling Affiliate Programs

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HealthSapiens - 24/7 Counseling CPL (US)


HealthSapiens - 24/7 Counseling CPL (US)

  • US
Health and Beauty
HealthSapiens - 24/7 Counseling CPL (US) Offer watch
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Affiliate Program - HealthSapiens - 24/7 Counseling CPL (US) Description

Affordable, One-on-One Counseling
Don't let your mental health hold you back!
The last thing you need working a busy schedule is a setback...but a visit to a therapist's office can mean just that. Staying one step ahead of life's challenges means minimizing what time and money you spend on unplanned expenses.
Offer converts on completed credit card sign-up
Reversals for users that cancel within 24 hours.
HealthSapiens asks that approved marketing items be used by affiliates, and if affiliate wishes to use custom marketing materials to submit for HealthSapiens approval before beginning usage.
Marketing videos to use:
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