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Cinematrix: VOD platform - CPA - Desktop & Mobile [INTERNATIONAL] on Affiliaxe

Affiliate Program: Cinematrix: VOD platform - CPA - Desktop & Mobile [INTERNATIONAL]
Payout: $21.06 ?
Network: Affiliaxe   - Join Affiliaxe
Watch movies on many devices
We support almost every device. Enjoy our great database wherever you are.
High quality only
7-day free trial.
TIP: Works best with Social, Display & PPV
This landing page is dynamic for these languages: English, Czech, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.
MX and AR are set up as a separate offer.
Guidelines & Restrictions:
The offer runs internationally except the following GEOs: CI, CN, CO, DZ, GT, ID, IN, IR, KE, MY, NG, PE, SD, SY, TN, AU, BA, BE, BG, BY, CD, CR, CU, DO, GE, GI, GY, HU, IQ, JM, KN, KP, KR, LR, LU, LV, MD, MM, MT, PH, PL, PR, PY, RL, SI, SK, SO, TT, ZW
All banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
Mailers - This offer does not have an unsubscribe link. Therefore, if you wish to promote this offer via your email list - it is your responsibility to make sure that all your list is "OPT-IN". If you have further questions please contact your Affiliate Manager.
Promotion Allowed: Display, Email, Social, Search, PPV
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Adult
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: All
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: Free Trial
CPA (Pixel fires on a valid CC submit)
Category: Email and Zip Submits,Email Creative Offers/Mailers,Entertainment,Entertainment / Streaming,Mobile,Mobile Optimized / Responsive,Software and Downloads,Software / Utilities
Country: Andorra , United Arab Emirates , Afghanistan , Antigua and Barbuda , Anguilla , Armenia , Netherlands Antilles , Angola , Antarctica , American Samoa , Austria , Aruba , Aland Islands , Azerbaijan , Barbados , Bangladesh , Burkina Faso , Bahrain , Burundi , Benin , Saint-Barthélemy , Bermuda , Bolivia , Brazil , Bahamas , Bhutan , Bouvet Island , Botswana , Belize , Canada , Cocos (Keeling) Islands , Central African Republic , Switzerland , Côte d'Ivoire , Cook Islands , Chile , Cameroon , Cape Verde , Christmas Island , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Germany , Djibouti , Denmark , Dominica , Ecuador , Estonia , Egypt , Western Sahara , Eritrea , Spain , Ethiopia , Finland , Fiji , Falkland Islands (Malvinas) , Micronesia, Federated States of , Faroe Islands , France , Gabon , United Kingdom , Grenada , French Guiana , Guernsey , Ghana , Greenland , Gambia , Guinea , Guadeloupe , Equatorial Guinea , Greece , South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands , Guam , Guinea-Bissau , Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China , Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands , Honduras , Croatia , Haiti , Ireland , Israel , Isle of Man , British Indian Ocean Territory , Iceland , Italy , Jersey , Jordan , Japan , Kyrgyzstan , Cambodia , Kiribati , Comoros , Kuwait , Cayman Islands , Lao PDR , Saint Lucia , Liechtenstein , Sri Lanka , Lesotho , Lithuania , Libya , Morocco , Monaco , Montenegro , Saint-Martin (French part) , Madagascar , Marshall Islands , Macedonia, Republic of , Mali , Mongolia , Macao, Special Administrative Region of China , Northern Mariana Islands , Martinique , Mauritania , Montserrat , Mauritius , Maldives , Malawi , Mexico , Mozambique , Namibia , New Caledonia , Niger , Norfolk Island , Nicaragua , Netherlands , Norway , Nepal , Nauru , Niue , New Zealand , Oman , Panama , French Polynesia , Papua New Guinea , Pakistan , Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Pitcairn , Palestinian Territory, Occupied , Portugal , Palau , Qatar , Réunion , Romania , Serbia , Russian Federation , Rwanda , Saudi Arabia , Solomon Islands , Seychelles , Sweden , Singapore , Saint Helena , Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands , Sierra Leone , San Marino , Senegal , Suriname * , Sao Tome and Principe , El Salvador , Swaziland , Turks and Caicos Islands , Chad , French Southern Territories , Togo , Thailand , Tajikistan , Tokelau , Timor-Leste , Turkmenistan , Tonga , Turkey , Tuvalu , Taiwan, Republic of China , Tanzania *, United Republic of , Uganda , United States Minor Outlying Islands , United States of America , Uruguay , Uzbekistan , Holy See (Vatican City State) , Saint Vincent and Grenadines , Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) , British Virgin Islands , Virgin Islands, US , Viet Nam , Vanuatu , Wallis and Futuna Islands , Samoa , Mayotte , South Africa , Zambia
Offer terms: Please note the following restrictions:

We will not tolerate nor pay for any conversions that come in as a result of non-compliance with the guidelines listed below. Violating affiliates will be blacklisted from our offers and their accounts will be subject to a formal audit which may result in account suspension or deactivation and payment forfeiture.

We know that having your account deactivated and your payments forfeited would not be cool which is why we highly recommend you read the guidelines outlined below and then read them again. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. We also highly recommend that you contact your Affiliate Manager for clarity on whether or not your landing pages and methods comply with the guidelines below.

* NO Co-Registration Marketing.

* NO Incentivized / Content Locking traffic.

* NO Virtual currency traffic.

* NO use of Rewards of any kind.

* NO promotion via Chat or Private Messages to members/friends on social sites/networks.

* NO use of copyrighted videos on YouTube or any other video/streaming site.

* NO Spam (e-mail / Web / IM etc).

* NO promotion on Craigslist or any other classified site.

* NO Bot / Software Generated traffic of any kind.

* NO AdWare / Spyware traffic allowed.

* NO Misleading ads or creatives.

* NO bidding on Brand name/Advertiser name keywords in AdWords/Bing/Yahoo/7Search or any other search engines (Brand Bidding).

* NO traffic from other affiliate networks without a written approval in advance.

* NO Substituted Search Engine Results Page.

* NO Bundling of this offer with any other offers signup / installation process.

* Duplicate/invalid leads/installs/sales/conversions will be charged back at the end of the month.

1 Review | More Affiliaxe Network Info is an exclusive network for Super Affiliates. affiliaXe was created by a group of highly experienced super Affiliates in order to benefit the network members with their vast knowledge & experience in online marketing and their connections with key players in the industry. This group picks the top converting offers for their affiliates based on their traffic sources while helping them with the right creative, highest payouts to be found and extreme marketing tactics. With you’re on the right path to success!


12/8/2017 2:58:55 PM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

Affiliaxe is exactly how every network should be, when many others fail to deliver! Offering prompt payments, excellent customer support, a great selection of offers and some of the highest comparative commissions on offer. What really makes this network stand out amongst the others is predominantly down to the affiliate managers. Its obvious that they're all very competent at what they do and they'll happily go the extra mile to make sure that you get everything that you need. Its been a pleasant experience working with these guys and i'd recommend this network to any others.

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Cinematrix International except 21 GEO Description

• Video-on-demand service containing only legal contents; • attractive up-to-date movie database;
• easy sign up with a 7-day free trial;
• 24/7 professional support at customers disposal;
• account fully free of advertisements;
• approaching customers all over the world;
• landing pages are mobile optimised;
• Users register for a 7-days free trial: after this period, the submission is extended to premium for 39,99 € per month.
convert flow: LP - email registration - introducing of phone number - introducing of the confirmation PIN - received via SMS.
Campaign Restrictions:No adult traffic.
Incentivizable:Offer IS NOT Incentivizable