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Affiliate Program: Second Life - AU, CA, DK, FI, IE, NL, NZ, NO, SA, SE, AE, UK, US (SOI)
Payout: $0.50
Network: Adslead   - Join Adslead
Meet people who share your passions. Have fun, flirt, date, and even fall in love.
Lead Flow: Single Opt-In
Platform: Client
Allowed Traffic:
- Absolutely No Incentivized Traffic
- Invalid or duplicate leads unaccepted
- No Server Fraud
- No Offerwalls
- No Landing Page
- No Co-Regs
- Can Email Marketing
- Can Social Traffic
- Can Pop up traffic
- Can Streaming/File-Sharing Sites
- Can Text Links/Editorial content
- Can Banner Display
- Own Creatives Need Approval
- Maximum 100 Leads/day for new traffic sources to start, opened up upon good quality feedback.
Creatives: Download Banners
Country: United Arab Emirates , Australia , Canada , Denmark , Finland , United Kingdom , Ireland , Netherlands , Norway , New Zealand , Saudi Arabia , Sweden
Offer terms: ADsLead is tough on fraud! Fraudulent conversions will not be tolerated. If you fraudulently create leads, (submitting ghost leads), using bots or other automated means to inflate conversions, registrations, or clicks by fraudulent traffic generation using pre-population forms or mechanisms, you risk forfeiting your entire commission for all programs and your account with us will be terminated. ADs Lead reserves sole judgment in determining fraud.

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