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Affiliate Program: Non-Incentive - 24businessnews - CPL- FR
Payout: $2.25
Network: BlackFox   - Join BlackFox
Description: Converts on Valid Lead
No Incent
No Adult
No Bot
All conversions are
validated in real time and such conversions which are considered fraudulent will be removed and validated in real time or post
The following additional limitations are included as non valid leads, but are not limited to:
- Conversions of Underage traffic (below 21).
- Conversions originating from Content Locking
- Conversions originating from Co-Registration
- Conversions originating from showing ads on Advertiser domain or related domains.
- Conversions originating from incentivized traffic of any kind (including but not limited to: giving a reward whether financial or
virtual to a user for completing the steps required for a valid conversion).
- Conversions originating from the misleading of the user – including users who were lead to believe they will receive
something else other than the content provided by the advertiser.
- Conversions originating from Proxies, Disposable/free to use email addresses and/or repeating IP ranges.
- Conversions originating from link shorteners and/or content blocking websites.
- Conversions originating from mobile devices.
Category: Banking and Finance,Financial
Country: France

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