KR - Argo - Steam - SOI CPA Offers


KR - Argo - Steam - SOI on SonarClick

Affiliate Program: KR - Argo - Steam - SOI
Payout: $2.40
Network: SonarClick   - Join SonarClick
Conversion Flow
SOI download game: the postback fires after the game launches.
Google AdWords, Brand Bidding via SEM, Incentivized traffic, Pop Unders, Adult, Illegal Content Sites, Misleading Content/Ads, Violent or inappropriate Content
Category: CPL,Gambling and Games,Games,Other,SOI

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SonarClick is a Performance Network in the process of expanding, with our base in Spain. Completely focused on the marketing industry, we can provide a wide range of top converting campaigns to media buyers, performance networks and webmasters among others. The name SonarClick is derived from the word “sonar” and the idea that a device of this type aims to detect and locate objectives in the surrounding area. Our DNA is based on listening to, searching for and detecting the needs of our advertisers and publishers to ensure a positive ROI for both, seeking top quality in the aquisition of users and monetisation with CPL, CPA and CPS and the best possible offers for promotion. MUCH MORE THAN A NETWORK. Trust. Transparency. Honesty.
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