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Affiliate Program: INTL C-Date AR 30+
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be2: be2 is one of the leading names in the online dating space with extreme brand recognition and a high quality user base of singles looking for that special someone. Promote through superb demographically targeted and themed landing pages.
Academic Singles: Academic Singles is one of the leading platforms for singles with higher education in the search for love. We are specialized in connecting single men and women, taking their affinity into account. Our objective is to help you find your perfect match!
Singles50: Singles50 is one of the world's leading dating agencies for single women and men over the age of 50. We help you find the right partner for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Our objective is to show that love can happen at any age!
C-Date: C-Date is the leading casual dating site for those who beside their career want to live their passionate fantasies with someone who shares the same spirit. It is a fantastic and well-established casual dating offer, which works on both male and female audiences.
New Honey: New Honey is a site where you meet open-minded people who want to satisfy their innermost desires and have sexual adventures with new people. It is a new and modern offer which intends to connect an urban and curious audience.
be2 group: We accept for this offer mainstream dating traffic with an age group of 30+.
C-Date group: We accept for this offer casual and/or adult traffic.
Desktop: Traffic for this offer is desktop traffic only. Please send mobile traffic to the corresponding mobile offer. Any mobile traffic sent to this offer will be redirected to the mobile offer with mobile specific payouts.
Mobile: Traffic for this offer is mobile traffic only. Please send desktop traffic to the corresponding desktop offer. Any desktop traffic sent to this offer will not be redirected.
In all offers payouts can vary according to age group, mobile OS and gender.
Our default payout model is CPA/CPL which means that you will receive your commission for every lead that you generate.
When a user registers on our site through your tracking link you will get a payout. Registrations are for free for the user. We also offer another payout option - CPO model - which means that you will receive your commission when a user purchases our premium membership. For payout changes requests please contact one of our affiliate managers.
A full overview of the payouts for this offer can be found in the Testing & Tracking tab.
For placing pixels/postbacks use the Testing & Tracking tab. On parameter ‘s1=’ in our tracking links please send affiliateid/publisherid/traffic source id. You can use parameters ‘s2=’ to ‘s5=’ to send your unique clickid or any other id which can be used in your postback.
For placing global pixels/postbacks please contact one of our affiliate managers.
Category: Adult,Casual Dating

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Insparx own following dating brands: be2, AcademicSingles, Singles50, C-Date and Lisa18. Singles50, be2 and AcademicSingles are mainstream dating (serious matchmaking), C-Date is casual dating and Lisa18 is adult dating. Our desktop and mobile offers are live in 30+ countries and have a very simple conversion process, which basically means finishing a simple short registration process. Insparx Affiliates has dedicated affiliate team to support you throughout your relationship with us and your feedback and input will always be welcome. Active affiliates are welcome to contact us for help with graphic design, translations and copywriting.
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