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Affiliate Program: 3D iOS - CN
Payout: $2.03
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"Kyushu Sky City 3D" is an authentic licensed next-generation 3D flying hand game developed by Zulong Entertainment. The game uses oriental fantasy elements as its keynote to depict an animated legend that spans three races.
• Installs coming through countries other than those that the Offer is currently running in will be flagged.
• Installs that comes within 10 seconds and less from the click might be rejected.
• Installs coming through App Versions that are 3 versions older that the latest available on the 1st of each month will be flagged. If the total flagged installs is more than 5% of overall installs (on site ID level), these installs with old app versions can be rejected.
• Installs coming in later than 6 hours from the click. If SiteIDs get flagged with more than 50% not achieving this timeframe, all installs might be subject to rejection.
• After optimization, we are looking to achieve a min CR of 0.02%
Traffic Restrictions:
No Incent
No Rebrokering
No Adult
CTIT 10secs over 30 installs
30 clicks from same IP address
Category: Gambling and Games,Gaming/Auction/Bingo,IOS

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