(2874) [WAP] XXXtubes - CH - CPA CPA Offers


(2874) [WAP] XXXtubes - CH - CPA on RainMaker

Affiliate Program: (2874) [WAP] XXXtubes - CH - CPA
Payout: $14.00
Network: RainMaker   - Join RainMaker
Promotion Allowed: Mobile
Conversion Flow : IIf user clicks on landing page, then he opens SMS editor with pre-filled text and need to click on SEND, then we fire pixel.
Allowed GEO : СH
Carrier: Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt
Connection type: 3G and WiFi
Restrictions: No Misleading
In case if you are going to use POP inventory, please apply Prelander
Category: Vouchers and Freebies,Sweepstakes
Country: Switzerland

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Rainmaker is the company that makes everything possible. We are a CPA network specialized in casino, dating, sweepstakes and other offers. Our ultimate power is email traffic. This does not mean we are bad at video, social, etc. It’s just that we are THIS good at email marketing.
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