(2646) [WEB] Instant Dating - NL - CPL CPA Offers


(2646) [WEB] Instant Dating - NL - CPL on RainMaker

Affiliate Program: (2646) [WEB] Instant Dating - NL - CPL
Payout: $2.10
Network: RainMaker   - Join RainMaker
Promotion Allowed: Web, Email
Conversion Flow : CPL, a conversion is counted when a user enters his name and a valid e-mail address. The user cannot be incentivized to enter the above details by any form or any way.
- incentivized traffic
- Fraudulent traffic and fraudulent addresses will be removed and validated in real time or post validated.
- Conversions of age below 18 years old are not allowed
- Content locking
- Conversions originating from co-registration
- Conversions originating from showing ads on Advertiser domain or related domains.
- Misleading content
- Conversions originating from proxies, disposable/free to use e-mail addresses and/or repeating IP changes.
- Conversions originating from link shortener or content locking
In case if you are going to use POP inventory, please apply Prelander
Category: Dating
Country: Netherlands

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Rainmaker is the company that makes everything possible. We are a CPA network specialized in casino, dating, sweepstakes and other offers. Our ultimate power is email traffic. This does not mean we are bad at video, social, etc. It’s just that we are THIS good at email marketing.
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