Port Lympe and Howletts animal parks CPA Offer



Affiliate offer: Port Lympe and Howletts animal parks
Payout: $10.00
Network: AWin   - Join Network
Description: The Aspinall Foundation are offering an attractive sign up rate for affiliates and a range of banners for use by partners to help maximize the success of the campaign for both The Aspinall Foundation and affiliate partners.
Affiliates earn £25 for each new adoption set up by direct debit and 40% of each £10 adopt in a box sale. In addition ticket sales are now available with a 10% of basket value being offered for every completed sale.
About The Aspinall Foundation
The Aspinall Foundation is devoted to protecting endangered animals, and where possible returning back to protected areas in the wild. Many animal species throughout the world are becoming increasingly rare and endangered through loss of natural habitat, poaching and pollution.
The charity manages the Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Parks located in Kent. In addition to well-established overseas projects in the Republic of Congo and Gabon, and more recent developing projects in Indonesia and Madagascar.
We love what we do and with continued help, we can carry on with greater confidence. Like everything in life, our work costs money. Without ongoing support, many of the endangered species we're protecting face a bleak future. Our work here and abroad will go a long way to changing this. But we cannot do it alone.
An online animal adoption is one of the best ways to help The Aspinall Foundation and makes a wonderful gift for both our animals and animal lovers.

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