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Affiliate offer: PDF Filler - US - CPA (USD)
Payout: $32.00
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Description: Converts on the sale
What is PDF Filler?:
PDFfiller’s philosophy is simple: we save users time, creating an intuitive work environment that allows people to manage documents anywhere, anytime, from any device. Not only individuals, but also governments and large organizations in various industries are among our regular customers. That’s because PDFfiller eliminates unnecessary paperwork and makes employees’ workflow faster and more efficient.
We are a growing project with almost 500 000 unique users monthly and over 20 000 product purchase monthly.
PDFfiller provides a number of unique features to its users, not least of which is an extensive library of the most commonly used PDF forms, ranging from tax and lease agreements to military and medical documents. Our library now contains over ten million forms and is constantly being updated. In addition to the online catalogue, PDFfiller has a number of other useful features, including:
Scan to Fill, which allows a document to be scanned or even photographed when unavailable online and then filled in.
Editing tools that allow you to add text, date, annotations and also format documents according to your needs.
Add Watermarks to protect important documents;
Add a picture - photos and other pictures stored or taken on a mobile or desktop device can be attached to a document in PDFfiller.
Fillable fields enable you to modify the structure of documents;
E-signature enables you to sign all types of documents without printing them out. Furthermore, another function - Send to Sign - allows users to send documents to other people for signature.
To facilitate user workflows, we have also created mobile applications for the two most popular mobile platforms Android and iOS. Users can edit, save and share their documents with anyone, send documents to be signed and keep them in an encrypted file. Mobile PDFfiller applications are integrated with social networks and can be synchronized with users’ mail in order to allow working with incoming documents on the fly.
To optimize signature collection, form filling and document management workflow, we have provided the possibility of API integration into any app or software platform. An integrated API provides users with the ability to submit signed documents from any desktop or mobile device. Wherever you are, PDFfiller makes it easy to sign and return any document.
In most cases, our subscribers are industry specific users such as a lawyers, realtors, teachers and schools, insurance agents and small businesses. Here are some of the advantages of using PDFfiller:
collecting contracts, NDA’s, statements, etc. automatically;
managing all paperwork in one place;
automatically sending permissions;
clear billing management;
easy sending, tracking, and collecting financial agreements, applications and more;
managing and collecting signatures on application forms, employee paperwork, tax documents, and more;
simple completion of loan applications, signing financial documents digitally, and more.
Here is an example how filing legal documents is simplified with PDFfiller. Let's take form W-2, which is one of the most used tax forms. According to the tax law, an employer must file Wage and Statement forms (that is W-2) for every employee on a yearly basis. This is a complex form in regard to the mode of its delivery to the relevant authority - the form must be delivered to the IRS, the employee, and one copy must be kept for the employer’s own records. PDFfiller helps facilitate this distribution and storage process. PDFfiller is invaluable when dealing with an abundance of tax documents mandatory for businesses of all sizes. It is not only a tool for completing and submitting forms, but is also a reliable and safe storage platform.
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Country: United States of America

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