IVC Blood Clot Filter CPL - [US] CPA Offer



Affiliate offer: IVC Blood Clot Filter CPL - [US]
Payout: $270.00
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Description: Have you or a loved one suffered complications after having an IVC filter implanted to treat blood clots? The Blood Clot Treatment IVC Lawsuit Center can help.
• Who had the Implant?
o 47% Female
o 53% Male
o Average Age: 54
• Why was the filter implanted?
o 21.9% Blood clot risk due to surgery
o 15.9% Blood clot risk due to accident
o 15.6% Blood clot risk due to genetic risk
o 10.5% Unknown
o 36.1% Other
• 71% of people don’t know brand of Implant
• 38.5% of people have an injury or problems due to implant
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Category: Banking and Finance,Financial
Country: United States of America

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