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Affiliate offer: True Degree
Payout: $12.00
Network: Prosprio   - Join Network
Description: EDU portal.Pays on a school match (up to 3x). Returns processed on the 30th or 31st of the following month
Category: Careers and Education,Education
Offer terms:


All Creatives and LP’s must be sent into Prosprio for Approval.

All EMAIL and Display Creatives for all NON INCENT Offers require approval.

INCENT Offers do not require Creative approvals.

DO NOT start live Traffic until your Publisher Consultant approves your Promotion Materials as unapproved materials will result in NON Payment.

NO Incentivized Traffic (Unless Specified)

NO Craigslist Traffic

NO Backpage Traffic

NO Blogger Traffic

NO BlogSpot Traffic

NO Adult Traffic - (Unless Specified)

NO Trademark Infringement - (Search Traffic)

NO Spam - (Must be CANSPAM compliant for Email Traffic)

NO Copyrighted Materials Allowed

NO Pirated Content

NO Fake/Misleading Campaigns

NO Spamming, Craigslist Baiting

NO use of the word “Free” or implying the user has “Won”

NO Forced Installs, No Malware, No Spyware

NO Forced Clicks

NO Fake Pop Unders or Overs

NO Auto Redirects

Chargeback Cut Off:

Chargebacks for the previous month's activity will be confirmed by the 15th of the following month EOD. (EXCEPT FOR EDU OFFERS). All EDU Offers - (Final stats are confirmed on the 30th or 31st of the following month and can be delayed) If the 15th of the following month is a federal holiday or weekend, the next business day will be the extended deadline. All Chargebacks will be communicated via email. If any of the above terms are violated you will be blocked from this offer of have your account banned from the Network and forfeit any payments.

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Prosprio is a 24/7, exclusive advertising network that primarily focuses on performance CPA marketing. With years of experience and dedication to results, Prosprio is committed to being the best of the best. We have the highest payouts, dedicated affiliate support, fast, on-time payments, resources and tools exclusively for our affiliates, prizes, training and personalized assistance to help you get the most out of every campaign. With a variety of payment options available including check, wire, ACH, PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Payoneer and Western Union, we do what it takes to pay you faster than any other network.
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True Degree - School Locator | US Description

Users can get help finding the right school for their degree and career!

True Degree - School Locator | US Terms

Allowed: Email, Display
Not Allowed: Social, PPV, Co-Reg, Incent, Search School Locator Description

Users can get help finding the right school for their degree and career! Please contact your AM for suppression list and unsubscribe link.
User Flow/Conversion: Converts on school match.
Guidelines/Restrictions: ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE TRAFFIC. Has Daily Cap (Resets at Midnight EST), Allowed: Email, Display. Not Allowed: Social, PPV, Co-Reg, Incent, Search
No Craigslist Traffic, No Microworker Traffic, No SMS/Text Messaging Traffic, No Adult or Illegal Traffic, No traffic from sites that are promoting/contain Pirated/Copyrighted content, is allowed ever on any of our offers. School Locator Terms

Advertiser may chargeback fraudulent leads only if such leads are returned to Media Company within twenty five (25) business days following the end of the month in which such leads were generated.