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Affiliate offer: Nike BR
Payout: 15.00%
Network: VigLink   - Join Network
Description: Confira Nike.com.br e experimente esportes, treinamento, atletas, compras e tudo que há de mais novo na Nike. Just Do It
Country: Andorra , Afghanistan , Antigua and Barbuda , Anguilla , Albania , Armenia , Netherlands Antilles , Angola , Antarctica , Argentina , American Samoa , Austria , Australia , Aruba , Azerbaijan , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Barbados , Bangladesh , Belgium , Burkina Faso , Bulgaria , Bahrain , Burundi , Benin , Bermuda , Brunei Darussalam , Bolivia , Brazil , Bahamas , Bhutan , Bouvet Island , Botswana , Belarus , Belize , Canada , Cocos (Keeling) Islands , Central African Republic , Congo (Brazzaville) , Switzerland , Côte d'Ivoire , Cook Islands , Chile , Cameroon , China , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba , Cape Verde , Christmas Island , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Germany , Djibouti , Denmark , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Algeria , Ecuador , Estonia , Egypt , Eritrea , Spain , Ethiopia , Finland , Fiji , Falkland Islands (Malvinas) , Micronesia, Federated States of , Faroe Islands , France , Gabon , Grenada , Georgia , French Guiana , Guernsey , Ghana , Gibraltar , Greenland , Gambia , Guinea , Guadeloupe , Equatorial Guinea , Greece , Guatemala , Guam , Guinea-Bissau , Guyana , Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China , Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands , Honduras , Croatia , Haiti , Hungary , Indonesia , Ireland , Israel , Isle of Man , India , British Indian Ocean Territory , Iraq , Iran, Islamic Republic of , Iceland , Italy , Jersey , Jamaica , Jordan , Japan , Kenya , Kyrgyzstan , Cambodia , Kiribati , Comoros , Saint Kitts and Nevis , Korea, Democratic People's Republic of , Korea, Republic of , Kuwait , Cayman Islands , Kazakhstan , Lao PDR , Lebanon , Saint Lucia , Liechtenstein , Sri Lanka , Liberia , Lesotho , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Latvia , Libya , Morocco , Monaco , Moldova , Montenegro , Madagascar , Marshall Islands , Macedonia, Republic of , Mali , Myanmar , Mongolia , Macao, Special Administrative Region of China , Northern Mariana Islands , Martinique , Mauritania , Montserrat , Malta , Mauritius , Maldives , Malawi , Mexico , Malaysia , Mozambique , Namibia , New Caledonia , Niger , Norfolk Island , Nigeria , Nicaragua , Netherlands , Norway , Nepal , Nauru , Niue , New Zealand , Oman , Panama , Peru , French Polynesia , Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Pakistan , Poland , Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Pitcairn , Puerto Rico , Palestinian Territory, Occupied , Portugal , Palau , Paraguay , Qatar , Réunion , Romania , Serbia , Russian Federation , Rwanda , Saudi Arabia , Solomon Islands , Seychelles , Sudan , Sweden , Singapore , Saint Helena , Slovenia , Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands , Slovakia , Sierra Leone , San Marino , Senegal , Somalia , Suriname * , Sao Tome and Principe , El Salvador , Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) , Swaziland , Chad , French Southern Territories , Togo , Thailand , Tajikistan , Tokelau , Tonga , Taiwan, Republic of China , Tanzania *, United Republic of , Holy See (Vatican City State) , Saint Vincent and Grenadines , British Virgin Islands , Samoa , Mayotte , South Africa
Offer terms: Payout Rates:
11% - 15% Commission
Traffic Not Allowed: Toolbars

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VigLink technology is free for all Site Owners, Bloggers, Social Media Gurus, Forum Owners and pretty much all online marketers. Its simple script works in the background on your site to Convert ordinary product links or brand name terms mentioned within your content into monetized affiliate links. This means you can potentially earn revenue from every resulting click or sale.

There are currently over 40,000 merchants listed on the VigLink directory and it really does take the hassle out of having to manage multiple campaigns across multiple networks. When an affiliate link is clicked on your site it will automatically detect which network is offering the highest Payout and it will direct the user through that link.

All stats and earnings are shown on the VigLink dashboard in one single place and all payments come from VigLink. VigLink is ideal for affiliates who want to focus on their content and building their business leaving it up to VigLink to automatically monetize it.
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Test & Keep the New Nespresso machine Affiliate Programs

Nike TR Description

Join the Nike.com Affiliate Program!
Operating in over 160 countries around the globe, athletic footwear, clothing and equipment manufacturer NIKE is one of the best-recognized brands in the world. 
NIKE.com welcomes more than 7m visitors each month, with the aim of being the most distinctive, authentic and connected retailer in sportswear. The program provides a unique opportunity to partner with one of the world’s leading sports brands as they strive to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. 
*If you have a body, you are an athlete. 
The NIKE program offers you the opportunity to promote an extensive range of NIKE footwear and clothing as well as Nike By You which offers customers the chance to customize their products. 
Key reasons to start promoting Nike today:
Competitive commission rates across a vast range of products*
Nike does not reduce rates for existing customer transactions
An open and flexible commercial structure - so long as it is performance-based (no flat fees) and meeting ROI targets, we’d love to hear your ideas!
Regular news updates (Nike Toolkits) detailing new launches, drops, and promotions, giving you all the details you need to drive revenue
30 day cookie period for non-incentive publishers, 7 day cookie period for cashback, loyalty, and discount publishers
ITP compliant tracking setup
A regularly updated product feed ensuring you can display the latest, most attractive products
* some products are non-commissionable (please see terms)
Special terms for publishers based in Turkey
The following special rules apply for publishers acting out of Turkey.
Turkish publishers are only allowed on the Turkish program of NIKE. Access to other territories will unfortunately not be possible due to financial regulations.
Commission Rates:
Cashback and Discount code publishers will receive 3.33% commission across all commission groups that are commissionable.
Gift Cards, Wetsuits, and Apple Watches are non-commissionable
Jordan products (full price and sales) are non-commissionable for Cashback publishers
​30 day cookie period for non-incentive publishers, 7 day cookie period for cashback, loyalty, and discount publishers.
Transactions made through the SNEAKRS website section and SNEAKRS app are non-commissionable.
Nike TR affiliate program!

Nike TR Terms

1. De-duplication policy

Affiliate transactions are not de-duplicated against other marketing channels. Should this change, affiliates will be given notice in writing.

2. Affiliate activity restrictions

a. Site content

· Affiliates may not promote the Nike brand on any site containing content of a pornographic, hateful or violent nature. This is including, but not limited to images of sexual acts, nudity, graphic imagery, fetishes, weaponry and violent acts and content that is discriminatory or derogatory

b. Domain registration

· Affiliates may not register or operate domains containing Nike or any similar brand term

c. Paid search

· No direct linking to the Nike official site is permitted

· Affiliates a reminded to make sure the “no follow” value is assigned to the rel attribute of the HTML a element as this will instruct search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index.

· Affiliates are expressly forbidden from bidding on Nike brand terms, misspellings or variants on all search engines and similar services

· A sample of brand terms is given below, however this list is not exhaustive. Please add these terms as negatives to your paid search campaigns:

· Nike, Nikestore, store.nike.com, nike-store, nikestore.com, nike.com, nike.co.uk, nike store, nike trainers, nike clothing, nike shoes, nike football, nike running, nike ID, nikeid, nikeid.com, nike-id, nike+, nike +

· Affiliates are not permitted to use “Nike” within their ad headers or within the display URL. This also includes shopping search / image search and all other bidding services through search engines. Affiliates may not use the Nike brand in any subdomain or subfolder within their display URL, e.g. www.nike.mywebsite.com or www.mywebsite.com/nike

· Affiliates do, however have permission to use the brand within the ad text itself

d. Voucher code sites

· Please note the Nike Turkey affiliate programme does not currently offer voucher codes for affiliates to promote. Voucher code affiliates may promote generic offers such as free shipping (when available) or clearance items

· Unauthorised promotion of any voucher code for Nike Turkey is not permitted. Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorized vouchers will have transactions declined and may be suspended from the campaign

e. Retargeting

· Retargeting directly to the Nike site is not permitted. This includes email, paid social and display retargeting. Affiliates are permitted to perform retargeting to customers to direct them to their own sites, however, the affiliate’s brand must be clearly displayed within the ad

f. Email marketing

· Affiliates are permitted to include Nike in newsletters featuring a range of brands, where this newsletter is sent to the existing audience of an affiliate site

· Affiliates may send souls emails featuring Nike to the existing audience of an affiliate site as long as they have express written permission and have provided creative for sign off

· Specialist email affiliates are those that own, lease or operate a database not generated from their own corresponding affiliate site, but sourced through other means. These affiliates should contact their personal admitad manager or admitad support to discuss their campaigns and may not operate without prior written approval and creative sign off

3. Notice periods

Affiliates will be given fair warning of any change to these terms and conditions. Where a breach is identified, affiliates will be contacted immediately and must respond within 48 hours or may be suspended from the campaign.

Commission Rates:

Gift Cards, Wetsuits, and Apple Watches are non-commissionable

Jordan products (full price and sales) are non-commissionable for Cashback publishers

​30 day cookie period for non-incentive publishers, 7 day cookie period for cashback, loyalty, and discount publishers.

Transactions made through the SNEAKRS website section and SNEAKRS app are non-commissionable.

The following special rules apply for publishers whose residence country is Turkey (“Turkish publishers”):

Turkish publishers are only allowed on the Turkish program of NIKE


[WEB+MOB] Test & Keep a Samsung Galaxy S8 /NZ Description

Test & Keep the new Samsung Galaxy S8!
Leadgen SOI
WEB and MOB traffic

[WEB+MOB] Test & Keep a Samsung Galaxy S8 /NZ Terms

Only NZ traffic
Creatives pre-approval is required before running the offer. Failing to do so will result in not getting paid for the traffic.
• Incentivised traffic: NO
• Content locking: NO
• Email: YES
• Display: YES
• Search: YES
• No underage users
• No misleading advertising such as false promises
• Publisher breaching these terms risk not being paid.
Fake leads, bot, and fraud traffic is automatically detected and will not be paid