Polishop Loja Virtual Affiliate Programs



Affiliate offer: Polishop Brasil
Payout: 8.20%
Network: VigLink   - Join Network
Description: Na Polishop você encontra Soluções Inteligentes para sua Casa, Saúde e Beleza. Produtos exclusivos e novidades que facilitam sua vida. Conheça a Polishop!
Category: Fashion and Clothing,Fashion & Accessories,Health and Beauty,Health & Beauty,Home and Garden,Home & Garden,Internet and technology,Online Services,Other,Sports and Fitness,Sports & Fitness
Country: Brazil
Offer terms: Payout Rates:
8.2% commission

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VigLink technology is free for all Site Owners, Bloggers, Social Media Gurus, Forum Owners and pretty much all online marketers. Its simple script works in the background on your site to Convert ordinary product links or brand name terms mentioned within your content into monetized affiliate links. This means you can potentially earn revenue from every resulting click or sale.

There are currently over 40,000 merchants listed on the VigLink directory and it really does take the hassle out of having to manage multiple campaigns across multiple networks. When an affiliate link is clicked on your site it will automatically detect which network is offering the highest Payout and it will direct the user through that link.

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Polishop Loja Virtual Affiliate Programs

Polishop: Compre online produtos exclusivos (Android) BR - Non incent Description

KPI: 5% CR install to purchase

Polishop: Compre online produtos exclusivos (Android) BR - Non incent Description

KPI: 5% CR install to purchase

Polishop BR Description

Polishop is a Brazilian omnichannel retailer. It is known for its innovative and different products, advertised on TV in commercial and infomercials, but the company has a wide network of advertising and marketing of its products.
Advantages for customers:
Several promotions
Products are delivered with complete peace of mind!
Installment up to 12x on credit card.

Polishop BR Terms

Allowed among others:

- Text Links

- Banners in various formats

- Retargeting

- XML Feed

- Compound words can be used to direct traffic to partner page, not to

the Polishop website. Example: "Polishop offer"; "Polishop offers"; "Polishop coupon"; Polishop outlet.

Direct SEM is prohibited. You may find the list of negative keyword HERE.

Commission for cashbacks - 9.23%

Polishop Android BR CPA Description

If the partner do not comply with these requests will have all campaigns immediately paused and no payments shall be due for those campaigns:
No Facebook / No Social Media (Instagram/Twitter/etc)
No Search
No Push Notifications / No SMS
No App Discovery Platforms
No Icon Drops
No Pop Traffic
No Click under traffic
No Apps/sites whose content is of an adult or explicit nature
No Apps/sites whose contents is drug or alcohol related
No individual icons, icon placement and/or bookmarking allowed
No blocking or cloaking of the referral URLs
Only creatives and copy provided by the client
No incentivized traffic
No click spamming / No pre-cached clicks / No cookie dropping
No VPNs allowed
No rebrokering
Metric specification
Remove & Decline
CIR (click to install rate)
Click-to-conversion time distribution percentage
First 2h after click
Click-to-conversion time distribution percentage
First 30 seconds after click
>= 25%
Install to event
 This metric doesn’t affect the payment, it’s a KPI.
>= 3%
KPI: Install to event >= 3%
Additional Restrictions:
1.No fraud or non-human traffic.
2.No adult traffic.
3.No incentivized, RR under 5% will count as incent.
4.No offer wall\app promotion traffic.
5.No click fraud.
6.Must pass sub source ID (sub2 parameter).
7. Must pass IDFA/GAID (use sub4 parameter).
8. Must pass AppNames (use sub3 parameter).
9.Session time (click to conversion) Longer than 30 seconds and no longer than 24 hours.
10. CTIT no more than 10% of installs to come in after 24 hours.