Nutrisystem Health Weightloss Diet Affiliate Programs



Affiliate offer: Nutrisystem 40% off FreshStart [DIET] - CPA - Straight Sale - US [NEW]
Payout: $210.00
Network: NAMoffers   - Join Network
Description: FreshStart allows you to lose up to 13 pounds & 7 Inches overall in your first month!
United States Only.
CPA – Converts Upon Credit Card Submission.
Please Note: Cost to Consumer: 4-Week Plans start at the following prices
Basic - $263.07 ($9.40/Day)
Core - $286.15 ($10.22/Day)
Uniquely Yours - $323.07 ($11.54/Day)
Uniquely Yours Plus - $359.99 ($12.86/Day)
Special Restrictions:
- No Coupon Sites
Accepted Media Types:
CPV/PPV (Pop Ups): YES
Display - Banner: YES
Display - Blog: YES
Display - Google Network (GDN): YES
Email - Newsletters: YES
Email - Solo Mailers: YES
Mobile: YES
Mobile - Display: YES
Social - Facebook: YES
Social - Instagram: YES
Social Media: YES
Text Ads: YES
Restricted Media Types:
Adult: NO
App Discovery: NO
App of the Day: NO
Brand/Trademark Bidding: NO
Classifieds: NO
Co-Registration: NO
Content Locking: NO
Host & Post: NO
In-App: NO
Incentivized: NO
Redirect Traffic: NO
Search - Paid (PPC): NO
Search - SEM/SEO: NO
Sub-Affiliate Networks: NO
Survey: NO
You will NOT be paid for any leads generated on this offer through means found to be in violation of the restrictions defined in the offer description. Please review "Accepted Media Types" & "Restrictions" before running this offer.
If you have any questions, reach out to your Affiliate Manager and he or she will be pleased to assist you.
Category: Display,**Display/Banners,Email and Zip Submits,**Email,Health and Beauty,Diet, Fitness, HealthInGeneral,Social Media,**Facebook
Allowed Traffic: Incentive
Offer terms: Warning:
You will be charged back ALL leads generated on this offer if you are found to be violating any restrictions as depicted above. Please review accepted promotional types.
Reach out to your affiliate manager if you have any questions regarding accepted/restricted promotional types.
NAMoffers is tough on fraud! Fraudulent conversions will not be tolerated. If you fraudulently create leads, (submitting ghost leads), using bots or other automated means to inflate conversions, registrations, or clicks by fraudulent traffic generation using pre-population forms or mechanisms, you risk forfeiting your entire commission for all programs and your account with us will be terminated. NAMoffers reserves sole judgment in determining fraud.

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9/17/2018 8:37:13 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

Namoffers is an excellent affiliate network. I just love it. I always get my payments on time. Kaare Hansen is my affiliate manager and I like this guy so much for his kind and consistent support.


9/6/2018 5:53:56 PM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

Namoffers is the one of the best CPA networks! Payment is always on time, user friendly and its simple to find any information we need, perfect converting offers with high payout. And what I like the most about this network is the perfect support from my account manager Kaare. He is just brilliant and always there to help me, guide me. So believe me guys, if you are reading this review, consider you are lucky because you are about signing up in the best network ever!

Nutrisystem Health Weightloss Diet Affiliate Programs

Nutrisystem Web/Mobile 45% off - US Description

New highly converted offer with mild restrictions and high CR.
Pixel fires on sale.
Cookie length 30 days.
Remind affiliates that is running traffic via a review site and/or a comparison site, that they must include a discloser that they receive compensation. As seen below.
Payout action: Pixel fires on the thank you page after credit card submission.
Allowed traffic: SEO, PPC, Social, Display, Email
Not Allowed: Incentive, no brand bidding.
Unsubscribe Link:
Download Suppression List: DOWNLOAD HERE.

Nutrisystem Buy One, Get One Free (US) Description

Nutrisystem's biggest promotion ever - Buy one, get one free on their program.
Lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in your first month
Offer converts on a completed purchase.
Publishers are not allowed to use Propel Media to promote this campaign.
Can not use brand terms or variations in any method of promotion. Brand terms and misspellings are allowed in sub-domains (for example, Please speak to your affiliate manager for further details.
Must include an advertiser disclosure indicating their ad is being paid by Nutrisystem
Important notice: any content, subject lines, reviews, or anything related to the Nutrisystem program CANNOT include the term “FreshStart.” Please make sure that is removed from all marketing material.

Nutrisystem - BOGO Description

Allowed media types: Inline-Context Desk-Display.Pop under and Pop traffic.
With peak diet season and Nutrisystem set to spend millions a day on TV and radio, we are expecting our biggest diet season ever (end of December, beginning of 2020).
"America's #1 Home Delivery! Millions of Pounds Lost - Start Now."
User receives the following:
Basic - pre-selected ready-to-go foods
Core - choose from a variety of foods, or try the Favorites Pack
Uniquely Yours - Enjoy more menu variety, including delicious frozen foods
Uniquely Yours Plus - Best menu with delicious foods, plus high-protein shakes
No Diablo media, No search. No incentivized traffic. No adult traffic. United States only.Nutrisystem and South Beach brands
Brand bidding is extremely prohibited. No bidding on trademarks.
Blacklisted sites: and
Pop traffic must be marketed through an approved content site. Content sites must be sent to your AMP for approval prior to running.

Nutrisystem - BOGO Terms

No Trademark bidding on any promo method

Nutrisystem $100 off - FreshStart (US) Description

Nutrisystem - $100 Off
"America's #1 Home Delivery! Millions of Pounds Lost - Start Now."
No Incent
No Coreg
No Search
No Coupon Traffic
No Branded/TM Search
*Custom creatives must be approved prior to running or risk non-payment*

Nutrisystem - BOGO 2020 Promo | US Description

Nutrisystem's biggest promotion ever - Buy one, get one free and lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in your first month.

Nutrisystem - BOGO 2020 Promo | US Terms

Email, display and search allowed.
Brand bidding is never allowed, on tm, brand term, or misspellings of any nature!

Nutrisystem BOGO | US Description

Nutrisystem's biggest promotion ever - Buy one, get one free and lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in your first month.

Nutrisystem - Buy One Month Get One Free! - US Description

Converts on CC submit. None incent. Traffic from the US only!

Nutrisystem 40% off Lean 13 Description

Get 40% off Nutrisystem Lean 13! Lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches off your waist in the first month.
Guidelines: Converts on purchase of meal plan. [Allowed Traffic: Blogs, Display, Newsletters, No Networks, Incent, Email w/approval, No TM/TM+, No Search, No Adult]