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Affiliate offer: LINE PokoPoko (iPhone 8.0+, iPad 8.0+) JP - Non incent
Payout: $1.69
Network: Stingrad   - Join Network
Description: 世界累計2,000万DL突破! 並んで、揃えて、超爽快! マッチングパズルゲームLINE ポコポコ!ブロックを揃えて消すだけの、パズルゲーム。 ポコタと一緒に、ポコ森の平和を取り戻そう!ステージ進行型パズル ステージごとのミッションをクリアして、ステージをどんどん進もう! エリアごとに毎回異なるミッションをクリアすると、報酬がもらえるぞ。
Category: Gambling and Games,Games
Allowed Traffic: Email, Mobile
Country: Japan

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Stingrad is a leading mobile performance network that has been on the market since 2015. We have lots of CPI, CPA, CPL campaigns in all verticals with exclusive payouts and can fully monetize your traffic. Our fast-response platform along with effective anti-fraud mechanism ensure high quality loyal users.
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LINE PokoPoko Affiliate Programs

LINE Pokopoko IOS JP CPI Description

Step 1: User installs app.
Step 2: User opens app.
Operator targeting: No restrictions
Device targeting: OS 10.0 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Traffic targeting:
WiFi traffic allowed
Only DIRECT traffic allowed
Incentivized traffic forbidden
Adult traffic forbidden
No Social
No Adult
KPI: Registration completion 70%
Additional Restrictions:
1.No fraud or non-human traffic.
2.No adult traffic.
3.No incentivized, RR under 5% will count as incent.
4.No offer wall\app promotion traffic.
5.No click fraud.
6.Must pass sub source ID (sub2 parameter).
7. Must pass IDFA/GAID (use sub4 parameter).
8. Must pass AppNames (use sub3 parameter).
9.Session time (click to conversion) Longer than 30 seconds and no longer than 24 hours.
10. CTIT no more than 10% of installs to come in after 24 hours.

LINE PokoPoko IDFA (iPhone 8.0+, iPad 8.0+) JP - Non incent Description

Day 1 Retention Rate: minimum 35%CR lower than 2%Reports in the form of excelsIDFA

LINE Pokopoko GAID (Android 5.0+) JP - Non incent Description

* Soft KPI : 1) Day1 Retention Rate > 20%2) ROAS > 20%* Har KPI : 1) Day1 Retention Rate > 10%2) Registration Rate > 10%【The reduction conditions】1) There is CV from a publisher over 60 minutes from click-to-install time has passed is over 50%3) CVs which click-to-install time is less than 10 seconds.* Notice *Not Allowed Traffic:Discovery App TrafficEmailingSMS TrafficPop-up / Pop-under or similar traffic PromotionCustom CreativesAdult TrafficIncentivized TrafficMediabuyer TrafficSearch TrafficPush Notification TrafficNot Allowed* Please notice that for offers with Hard KPI condition, the sources who don't reach the KPI will not get paid. Also, Fraudulent/Incentivized traffic will be 100% deducted, regardless of reaching the KPI Condition / KPI Type.* Detailed Fraud rules per Attribution toolAppsFlyer: Languages, Carriers, Devices deviating from Targeted Geos / Defined as Fraud by the functions featured in Protect 360(New Devices, LAT Devices, Suspicious Devices, etc.)TUNE/MAT: Languages, Carriers, Devices deviating from Targeted Geos / Defined as “Suspicious” in TUNE Fraud StatusAdjust: Languages, Carriers, Devices deviating from Targeted Geos / SDK Spoofing traffic* All conversions will be evaluated on its Click to Install Time(CTIT), and traffic that converts within 10 seconds can be deducted due to Click Injection Fraud.