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Affiliate offer: Hushlove - SOI - Responsive
Payout: 75.00%
Network: CrakRevenue   - Join Network
Description: Crakrevenue's Hot PickThis is one of our best performing offers, period. The default payout is $2.25391264
Payable Action:
Single Signup with email
Conversion Flow - FREE JOIN (SOI):
User follows the click to action
User completes single page signup
User gets free access
Payable action triggers
Accepted Promotion Methods:
Search Tag:Hush love
Category: Adult,Niche - Amateur,Dating,Vertical - Dating,Desktop,Targeting - Desktop,Targeting - Mobile,DOI,Payout - SOI,Email and Zip Submits,Promo Method - Contextual,Promo Method - Display,Promo Method - Mobile App,Promo Method - Pay Per View,Promo Method - Pop,Promo Method - Search,Social Media,Promo Method - Social Media
Allowed Traffic: Email, Content Locking
Country: Australia , Canada , United Kingdom , United States of America
Offer terms: {"restrictions":["No Incentive", "No Content Locking", "No Spam"]}

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CrakRevenue is an adult CPA program created by some of the industrie’s biggest affiliates. What separates us from other CPA networks is this: Instead of having hundreds of different offers, we make available only the highest converting products tested over millions of hits by our in-house team. For each offer, we do the hard work of creating custom landing pages and banners that are tweaked for optimal conversion rates. Each affiliate has can use these pages for their own promotional needs. We also specialize in converting that pesky Tier 2 and 3 traffic. We thrive on creating geo-targeted sales pages and giving you access to tools to properly filter your traffic so that a visitor see’s only offers that are available in his country and in his language. Promoting CrakRevenue is really a no-brainer. Plug our ads into your site and watch the money come in.


10/4/2018 5:36:34 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

Absolutely awesome network. You will find many exclusive offers here. I love working with them and highly recommend it.


9/23/2018 11:07:23 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

CrakRevenue is the one of the largest and most trusted CPA Network in the industry. It has extensive affiliate marketing expertise and top-converting traffic monetization products. CrakRevenue is actually a leader in this field.


8/15/2018 1:08:14 PM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

CrakRevenue is an excellent network with so many attractive adult offers and I always receive my payment in due time every single week. It is one fo the biggest, oldest and most trusted CPA Networks in the industry. With years of extensive affiliate marketing expertise and a vast array of high quality, top-converting traffic monetization products, CrakRevenue is really a leader in its field.

HUSHLOVE Affiliate Programs

HushLove - SOI - Multi Geo's Description

Join Hush Love Today The Fun And Friendly Site For Dating And Meeting Swingers - Register Today!
Conversion Requirements: Converts on Registration with Valid Details18+
Offer Cap: 100 Daily
Restrictions:No incentivizedNo Spamming (zero tolerance to this practice)No misleading promotionNo deceptive subject linesNo email traffic allowedNo Fraud (Frauds will not be paid and might result in the termination of your account)The inclusion of the opt-out mechanism18+
Allowed Promotions
Pops Advertising
In Apps Advertising
Adult traffic
Social Media
Social networks advertising
Social networks Apps
Banner / Web Display
Disallowed Promotions
PPC / Search advertising (No Brand Bidding)
Email traffic (opt-in basis only)
Push - advertising
SMS traffic
Doorway pages
Incentive Traffic
Virus Traffic
Tracking Requirements:
Affiliate Networks MUST pass their Affiliate ID into the "Sub_ID" field (Sub_ID1).
Details of how to assign parameters to your links can be found here.
Additional language / currency / size creatives may be available - Please contact support or your Affiliate Manager with your requirements.
Payment Terms:Due to advertiser lead adjustment reporting and payment cycle, this offer is on Extended Payment Terms.
Payment of commissions on this offer are Net35.
Please be advised that the advertiser reserves the right to cancel all invalid and fraudulent leads / conversions.