Games V.1 Affiliate Programs



Affiliate offer: 100 Games V.1 (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone) NL - Non incent
Payout: $10.00
Network: ReGaming   - Join Network
Description: Carriers :   - TMobile - Tele2 - Vodafone - KPNFlow:  TMobile 3G: 2 clicks, Wifi : Pin submit              Tele2: 3G: 2 clicks, Wifi : Pin submit              Vodafone  :  3G: 2 clicks, Wifi : Pin submitKPN: Pin submitRestrictions    - Only Media buying traffic. - No incent traffic.   - no Auto-subscription- no DSP traffic
Category: 2 Click Flow,2 click flow,Desktop,Web,Email and Zip Submits,PIN Submit
Allowed Traffic: Email, Mobile
Country: Netherlands

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ReGaming LLC is a multinational corporation in the digital marketing industry, specializing in cross-device mobile gaming apps advertising. ReGaming is all about innovative approach in mobile advertising solutions. We believe that gaming apps promotion is a brand-driven play with a focus to diversification of product offering and acquisitions using massive traffic volumes and media channels. We love complexity. We know how to beat it! You’re welcome to join 🙂
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