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BlueBit Ads - Bust A Cheater - US (Display Only)

Affiliate offer: Bust A Cheater - US (Display Only)
Payout: $15.00
Network: BlueBit Ads   - Join BlueBit Ads
Description: Bust A Cheater allows people to find the owner of a phone number. Before the internet made it significantly easier for people to search for such information, people had a very difficult time finding the owner of a particular phone number.
Converts on completed trial purchase by user
To pre-pop the direct search results landing page, simply append "phone=7025551212" to the end of your tracking link.
Allowed Media Types
Display Banner Only
US Only
No Incent
Must Provide Banner Placement URL in offer request to get approved.
Category: Internet and technology,Online Services, Web & Tech
Country: United States of America

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10/2/2018 9:08:16 AM
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I have been with Lot of CPA Networks and I must say, I am so pleased with Bluebitads network! The Offers are very good and the support from them is outstanding. Even a beginner can jump in to CPA marketing with Bluebitads and start earning real money. Once again, I have received my payment today. Thanks Bluebitads!