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How Can I get Customers To My Affiliate Offers?

How Can I get Customers To My Affiliate Offers?

If you don’t have a webpage with tons of weekly visitors – you´ll still be able to profit from affiliate marketing once you understand where the customers can be found. Or if you have large E-mail databases that you can send the offers to. You can even broker the offers i.e. to other network, E-mailers, owners of web pages. Or use an advertising network from where you can purchase traffic to your offers, from around the world.  

There are many ways to profit from affiliate marketing. And if you need idea´s or advice, particularly if you operate in the gambling sector, then Affilisearch is just the network for you, just get in contact. 

Now let’s go over some methods on how to get traffic.

1. Search engine Marketing 

2. Banner Advertising 

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Behavioural Marekting & Re-targeting

5. Purchase of Mailing Lists

6. Sponsorships 

Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For many online businesses, SEM has gradually become the most important source of traffic to bring in new customers. SEM is more than just keywords and ad texts. The key to success is to be able to deliver new customers at the right price.

Skip your competitors and instantly place your ads at the top of Google. You can quickly and easily get started with Search Engine Marketing:

1. Select the keywords that match your offer, products and services best
2. Type ad text
3. Bid for your selected keywords

The advantage of SEM is that your ads are shown to potential customers who are actively seeking what you offer. Your ads are shown first in the search results each and every time. You decide how much you want to spend per. day. Most importantly however, is that all aspects of the campaign are measurable. It allows for ongoing optimization that can increase your revenue while lowering your cost per. sale.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most common forms of internet advertising. One of the most important factors for launching a successful banner ad campaign is to create a conspicuous, attractive advertising banner and place it on websites with high traffic and good relevance. This will help you increase the click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. The most commonly used pricing models for banner ad campaigns are CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and cost-per-click (CPC).

Google Adwords and other types of PPC advertising

PPC advertising can help you grow your business at a relatively low price.

You can use Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, or other similar advertising services to create your own PPC campaigns. Text, image or video ads with a PPC pricing model can be a handy and relatively effective tool to support your online business.

Social marketing

Facebook is more than just a branding channel.

Facebook is unconditionally the largest social network with 2.27 billion monthly active users. Facebook offers advertising through "Market Place Ads".

These are the ads that you see on the right-hand side when you login to Facebook. It is clearly the most popular and fastest ad format to get started with. You´ll also be able to target your audience by Geos, age, gender and so on. 

Everyone can easily create ads on Facebook without any hassle. However, the difference between a professional campaign and what you can actually accomplish can be enormous.

Facebook display ads, LinkedIn ads, the promoted tweets on Twitter and other similar social networking opportunities for advertising are very popular nowadays. This is because, as previously mentioned, these social media channels provide invaluable information about the user’s demographics and infographics, offering business webmasters the opportunity to buy advertising space that’s highly targeted to their audience. Keep in mind that your choice of social media and advertising is extremely important to the overall success of your ad campaign.

Behavioural & re-targeting

Behavioural Targeting is no longer a new phenomenon anymore, but in recent years it has become quite well developed and it works very well today.
In short, it's about targeting ads and messages that are relevant to the user. That is, advertisers show offers based on the consumers behaviour. For example, if you have shown interest in travel-related products for a given period, you will be exposed more to offers within this niche when you go online next time. 

Re-targeting, unlike behavioural targeting, is based solely on data. That is, using data from those users who have previously shown interest in your product or web store. You only target users who have previously visited your site at some point or clicked on an ad. This ensures that you do not "waste" unnecessary banner impressions on users who have never shown interest in your store or products. is a large gambling affiliate network with over +100 live offers, Sports, Casino and Bingo. We are focused on Europe.

Purchase of mailing lists

Email marketing is used extensively by webmasters and online marketers to promote their businesses. There are several companies that sell mailing lists, which can generate a useful list of leads for your business. If you decide to invest in this kind of marketing, make sure that the lists were collected in a legal (GDPR) and ethical manner. Using stolen e-mail addresses will not lead to the desired results and this form of marketing can really harm your company's reputation and cause major legal problems and fines.


Another great way to get exposure is to become a sponsor of interesting blogs, applications or special events.
Sponsoring free services is a great way to get the desired exposure and increase the level of awareness that your brand receives and also your offers. is a large gambling affiliate network with over +100 live offers, Sports, Casino and Bingo. We are focused on Europe.