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CPA Aggregators - The No.1 Tool For Affiliate Marketers

CPA Aggregators - The No.1 Tool For Affiliate Marketers

As the affiliate industry continues to grow year on year, its inevitable that new tools to assist affiliate marketers will continue to emerge. One such tool that’s grown in recent popularity is CPA aggregators, a vital time saving tool that every affiliate should have in their arsenal. 

As an affiliate being able to quickly assess your niche and identify trending affiliate programs within it is a no brainer and CPA aggregators allow all affiliates to do this. 


What exactly are CPA aggregators? 


CPA aggregators are tools that collect information about all available affiliate programs listed on networks and they compare this information on mass for the affiliate. The Affscanner CPA aggregator tool is a prime example of this. Affiliates can use aggregators to perform searches and quickly find information about affiliate programs, which previously would be unavailable to them unless they checked each network manually. 

CPA aggregators allow affiliates to quickly identify which networks offer the best playouts for the affiliate programs they promote and read affiliate network reviews left by their peers. Just because a network offers the highest pay-out for an affiliate program doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice.

Having all of this information at an affiliate’s finger tips, allows the affiliate to make decisions based on sound judgement and reasoning and not one of assumptions. 

CPA aggregators offer tonnes of information to the user allowing affiliates to preview affiliate program landing pages, pay-out amounts, offer descriptions, terms and even network reviews without even having to visit the network in question. The days of having to manually login to affiliate networks to find offer information are finally over and we can solely thank CPA aggregators for this. 

CPA aggregators enable the affiliate to identify trending affiliate programs and niches and spot new affiliate programs recently listed on networks. Having all of this information in one place with simple search and filters takes considerable weight of the affiliate’s day to day activities that previously would have been considerably time consuming. 

Being able to quickly compare thousands of affiliate programs and offers from 100’s of networks in one place saves the affiliate time and we all know that this commodity is arguably the most valuable to completion of an affiliate marketer’s workload. 

Here at Affscanner we have taken the concept of CPA aggregators and super charged it to give our users a tool unlike no other. Affiliates can view the offers in multiple formats depending on preference and the best part ‘group the offers’ to view all related offers associated to their affiliate programs. 

The grouping feature enables affiliates to instantly view the top paying affiliate programs, preview the offer landing page and if need be see all available offers from other affiliate networks aswell. The user can click on the merchant link to view all offer information for all affiliate programs under that merchant in one single place. This covers pay-out info, network rating, offer description, terms, allowed countries and allowed traffic. 

On other competitor sites the user would need to visit each offer page individually to find offer information but here at Affscanner you don’t. We know the value of an affiliates time and created this unique feature so that affiliates can view all affiliate program info in one single place. Showcasing all related offers in one single place 

Aggregators list the products and offers from multiple affiliate networks in one single place and act as a bridge between publishers and networks. Networks work with aggregators so they can showcase their affiliate programs to a much wider audience and publishers use aggregators to quickly find and compare affiliate programs from multiple affiliate networks. 

The CPA aggregator such as Affscanner doesn’t own the affiliate programs it promotes it merely advertises the networks offers for them. If publishers wish to promote any of the offers shown on Affscanner they will need to join the network via the join link, to apply to the program and get their tracking links. 

How do CPA Aggregators Benefit Both Affiliates and Networks? 


Affiliate Benefits


Aggregators can be thought of as a Supermarket for affiliate offers, the affiliate can compare offers from multiple networks and view related affiliate offers in one single place. The user can compare pay-out’s and brands and view more detailed info relating to the offer. Now imagine that the user had to visit multiple shops to get the same products, one shop for bread, the other for meat another for fish etc this would not only be time consuming for the user but frustrating to say the least. Aggregators remove the hassle of looking for affiliate offers since the user can find all offers in one single place. 

Affscanner – The supermarket for affiliate offers where affiliates can find affiliate offers from all niches, countries and networks. Not only that, affiliates can also view network ratings and affiliate network reviews before joining new networks and this is arguably one of the most important factors. Since the affiliate will be working directly with the network and not Affscanner itself, naturally it makes sense that the affiliate knows beforehand if the network meets their standards and is a reliable partner. 


Network Benefits

Networks work with aggregators to increase their brand exposure and sales, since aggregators attract publishers from all niches and traffic channels, aggregators offer networks instant access to a pool of potential affiliates that they might not find elsewhere. 

Not only that the affiliate chooses to join your network because they know you already have the specific affiliate programs they want to promote. Think of an affiliate summit, network representatives attend them to recruit new affiliates and advertisers. They talk and discuss their affiliate programs with affiliates and go over the advantages of working with their network. 

Now think of Affscanner as similar to the network representative’s role at the summit but much more focused

You don’t need to verbally explain and promote your offers to individual affiliates since Affscanner does all of this work for you. And remember, it can do this role for hundreds or thousands of users at once. The user can already view all of the offer information and view all of your network information and reviews aswell. If the user is satisfied with what they see they will make the decision to join and work with your network. 

Why it makes sense to list your network and more importantly your network offers on CPA Aggregators?


This is a frequently asked question so let’s go over it in more detail. Let’s say you have a standard network listing on Affscanner but you’ve not listed your network offers aswell. From this listing your network receives many new leads and sign ups on a weekly basis but due to the method of acquisition those leads aren’t 100% targeted. 


Its well known that most affiliates have specific traffic channels, for example he or she may run gaming apps targeted to UK only. Let’s say said affiliate thinks your network would be the perfect fit for their requirements but you have no offer info available. Said affiliate joins your network, you both spend a lot of time discussing traffic channels, requirements and finally what offers you have available. Only for the affiliate to not actually start running any of your offers as the offers don’t match their preferred traffic channels, UK offers aren’t available of the offer pay-outs are too low for their expectations. 

Of course, this situation happens all the time in affiliate marketing and both parties are disadvantaged from it. Both the affiliate and network have spent valuable time with no benefit to either when this situation could have been prevented if your offer data was on display.   

Affscanner brings affiliates to your network that want to actually promote and run your offers since the offer information is transparent from the get go. 

How does Affscanner CPA aggregators source its traffic?


Affscanner sources its traffic from a mixture of organic traffic (from major search engines) and paid traffic from various sources. 


Naturally a whole lot of effort goes on behind the scenes to manage and optimise such channels 

A considerable sum and effort has been put into SEO work, both on page and off page to build top 10 rankings for multiple terms related to affiliate marketing, affiliate offers, cpa offers and affiliate programs. This is an ongoing task and the SEO team work round the clock daily to ensure rankings are maintained and heightened, on page seo is optimised and that Affscanner’s back link profile continues to grow. 

Paid traffic is generated from multiple sources such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Taboola, RevContent, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and numerous affiliate forums. The affscanner team works round the clock to check these channels, assessing traffic quality, volume and targeting. 

Why do networks need to pay to be listed on Affscanner CPA aggregator?


We get this question a lot, as you may understand a significant amount of work goes on behind the scenes to manage the Affscanner site, traffic channels (paid and non-paid), Social Media, content, network relationships and a whole lot more. Naturally this comes at a cost as no one works for free and like any business we need to cover wages, advertising costs and expenditure. Listing your network on Affscanner will bring you a bunch of benefits and we feel the small monthly payments we receive for this service are more than justified.  


When you request to list your network offers on Affscanner the following process starts …

•    Create network account on Affscanner and request to list offers 
•    Get in touch via Skype – live:affscanner1 or email – to discuss required package and duration of listing 
•    Personal manager is assigned to your network 
•    API credentials are collected from network and passed to tech team 
•    Offers are parsed and shown on site by tech team and network is notified 
•    Network details are checked and network profile information is updated 
•    Social Media Manager announces new network on Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Having been an affiliate for over 10 years, i know all too well the challenges that affiliates face on a day to basis, from maintaining your campaigns, checking reports to liaising with affiliate managers, sometimes the life of an affiliate can be chaotic. I'm here to offer free advice to anyone that needs it and hopefully build on my own skill set in the process as well. We hope you like the Affscanner site and welcome any feedback you may have.