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Affiliate offer: Behrouz Biryani (CPE) (GAID required) (Android 5.0+) IN - Non incent
Payout: $0.93
Network: Stingrad   - Join Network
Description: Order Biryani Online - Behrouz Biryani This story starts around 2000 years ago with a Kingdom called Behrouz rumored to be located somewhere in Persia. It rose to popularity around the world for its recipe of layered rice andsecret spices; A recipe that lured Kings and masses alike; A dish that we now know as Biryani. The recipe was lost forever when King Cyrus laid siege to Behrouz until it was discovered amongst the ruins. With this Biryani, we have brought back to life this lost recipe of Behrouz.User Flow:1. User clicks on banner and is redirected to Google Play or the App Store.2. User successfully downloads and installs the application.3. User opens the application and performs a valid transaction.KPI: Publishers with sub ID containing more than 10% conversions of CTIT Traffic without in-app events will be identified as fraudulent and not be paid. Traffic with CTIT Traffic with CTIT > 1h can be deducted due to Click Spamming/Flooding Fraud. Traffic with LAT Device Rate > 40% can be deducted due to Fraud.If click to event time If new device rate > 30%, conversions may be scrubbed. There may be no payment if the OS version are much older than the latest version. There may be no payment if the app version is older than the one on the store. If CR > 3% (Sub ID level), all conversions will be considered as incent/fraud traffic and rejected without report. We may not provide any screenshot when scrubbing conversions.GAID required, please add for your tracking link: &idfa=YOUR_GAIDWe will not pay for any install without passing gaid.
Category: Food and Drink,Food & Drink
Allowed Traffic: Email, Mobile
Country: India

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