Win Samsung 4K 65 - CC Submit - ES IT AU NO SE CPA Offer



Affiliate offer: Win Samsung 4K 65 - CC Submit - ES IT AU NO SE
Payout: $30.00
Network: Clicxy   - Join Network
Description: Restrictions: no adware, spyware, malware. No adult/ violence sites
No Incentivized traffic including Cashback and Content locking
In case fraud users (For example: Stolen cards, risk rejection, double conversion under the same credit card with different email or IP) are over 90% of the conversions, the entire amount of conversion will be deducted against proof from the advertiser.
Category: CPA,Email and Zip Submits,CC submit,Sweepstakes
Country: Australia , Spain , Italy , Norway , Sweden

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8/9/2018 8:28:39 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 4
Support: 4

I am working with them for three months. Good offers in my interest. No problem with payment (bank transfer). Good price per campaign. Thanks Clicxy!

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