Slot Joint CPA 21 countries CPA Offer



Affiliate offer: Slot Joint CPA 21 countries
Payout: $140.00
Network: 3sNet   - Join Network
Description: Paid event: Paid for accumulative deposit 21$ from active players
Geo: Canada, Finland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Kuwait, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Argentina, Singapore, Qatar, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Brunei 
Procedure for Verification and payment: Verification are provided twice per month in 5th-6th and 16th-20th for previous period. Payment - until 15th for the previous month
Description: postbacks can delay up to 12-15 hours
Test volume: Each new partner has to fill the test cap 10 deposits. The traffic verification is done only if the test cap was filled. The decision on further cooperation, cap and payout is determined by the result of the test promotion. Verification and payment aren't carried out if the test volume not been reached. In this case the low traffic volume is not sufficient to evaluate the quality of delivered traffic.
It is compulsory for all webmasters! before sending traffic, please, look closely at offers' terms and follow them. If anything is unclear or several terms require additional discussion (sources, creatives, approach etc), please, contact your AM to resolve all issues before start running the offer. Otherwise you will personally take responsibility in full for the way you work and the promotion results.
Category: Gambling and Games,Gambling
Country: United Arab Emirates , Argentina , Austria , Belgium , Brunei Darussalam , Canada , Switzerland , Germany , Denmark , Finland , Ireland , Iceland , Japan , Kuwait , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Norway , New Zealand , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Singapore

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8/10/2018 10:59:26 AM
Offers: 5
Payout: 4
Tracking: 4
Support: 5

Just recently tried this Network, it worth’s. Good offers and great support. I don't have a bad experience with them. I guess they are good for newbies and super affiliates as well.

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