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Affiliate offer: Lazada TH - mobile APP CPS - Thailand
Payout: 75.00%
Network: Globalwidemedia   - Join Network
Description: Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Lazada offers a wide array of products and provides convenient online shopping experience with its nationwide shipping warranties, 30-day returns policy and easy payment options. Consumers can shop anytime and anywhere for books, electronics, phones, accessories, computers, home living, hardware, home appliances, toys, kids, babies, travel and luggage, beauty, jewelry, watches, fashion and sports.
The offer converts on mobile devices. Advertiser is moving to app across the region because the app basket size is double web, on average and the value of the customers is higher due to engagement and repurchase rate. Affiliate will get commission when user purchase via mobile app. No commission will be paid for web / mobile site conversion
Android and iOS device that have Lazada app installed, the app will be launched after clicking the tracking link. For no Lazada app installed Android device will redirect to Play Store while iOS will land to m-site, then pop-up window will show up and ask user if they want to go to App Store or not.
Advertiser will pay commission for the first order made thro’ the affiliates’ cookies link. Commission will be paid again if users click on the link again.
Commission per product category as below::
Fashion: 9.75%
Home: 6.75%
FMCG: 7.5%
Electronics: 2.63%
Others: 4.5%
Converts when user completes purchase and pay online via mobile app.
No Adult site. No pop traffic. No torrent site. No brandterm / trademark bidding. Affiliate should set "Lazada" as negative keyword for their campaign. Affiliate will not get paid if violate to the set restrictions.
Residual conversions after the pause of traffic will not get paid.
Payout cap : $7.5 (max) per conversion
Restricted items not receiving commission
208575145_TH-314156109 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAAXNWY5ANTH-73630770 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELABJ3CFIANTH-123744834 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAAXNWY6ANTH-73630771 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAATDYBFANTH-60192476 Mobiles & Tablets
219116558_TH-333039501 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAAXNWY7ANTH-73630772 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAAXNWY8ANTH-73630773 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAB6LOV6ANTH-93705120 TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables
AP067ELABJ3CFJANTH-123744835 Mobiles & Tablets
AP067ELAB4ECQUANTH-88800058 Computers & Laptops
AP067ELABJ3CFGANTH-123744820 Mobiles & Tablets
Allowed Traffic: Email
Country: Thailand
Offer terms: Publisher Additional Terms

Commission and Chargebacks

Global Wide Media, Inc. (GWM) shall not make commission pay-outs to You (“Publisher” or “Sub Publisher”), and reserves the right to set-off or initiate chargebacks, on invalid transactions. Invalid transactions include but are not limited to:

a. fraudulent transactions: identified manually or by the means of automated fraudulent order check tools used by Advertiser (LAZADA).

b. collusion: transactions where the Publisher or sub Publisher is connected to the Seller

c. cancelled transactions

d. returned orders

e. resellers: Orders made with the intention of reselling

f. non-Permitted traffic and sources as listed herein

In the case of non-payment by Lazada to GWM for any reason, GWM reserves the right to: (i) deny payment of Commissions to the Publisher; and/or (ii) require a refund of Commissions to be paid back to GWM by the Publisher. Without prejudice to other rights or remedies available to GWM, GWM has the right to withhold, and the Publisher agrees that it shall not be eligible for, any commission otherwise payable under this Agreement if GWM determines that the Publisher is not in compliance with any requirement or restriction under this Agreement, including but not limited to those relating to the prohibited listed herein or if there are technical errors, such as improper link formatting, by the Publisher.

In the event of any breach of these Additional Terms GWM shall be entitled to immediately terminate the Publisher’s campaigns and request for a full refund of all fees paid to the Publisher for each violating campaign; and request that the Publisher pay GWM, as liquidated damages (and not as penalty), fifty (50) percent of fees payable to the Publisher in the month. The Publisher agrees that the quantum payable as liquidated damages is a genuine pre-estimate of the foreseeable damages incurred by GWM due to the breach. If there are any payments due to the Publisher for work rendered, such payments shall be withheld by GWM indefinitely. GWM reserve the right to offset from future payments owed to the Publisher

Publisher shall be solely responsible for payment of all taxes on its own income. If the payment to the Publisher are subject to withholding taxes, GWM shall deduct such from the payments, and pay the Publisher the net amount. Upon request by the Publisher, GWM shall provide the Publisher a certificate (or any similar document) of taxes withheld.

The Publisher Payout excludes 7% VAT if the customer is based outside Thailand, or within Thailand but is not a VAT-registered entity under Thai law.

The Publisher Payout includes 7% VAT if the customer is based inside Thailand and is a VAT-registered entity under Thai law.


The Publisher shall not, without prior written consent by GWM, be allowed to use advertising e-mails (the “EDM”) to promote GWM.

The Publisher shall place no content on said Publisher Media or other relevant advertising media that breaches applicable law, public morals or third-party rights. Prohibitions shall include, but not be limited to, representations that glorify violence, sexual and pornographic content and illustrations, misleading statements or discriminatory content (e.g. in respect of gender, race, politics, religion, nationality or disability).

The Publisher shall be prohibited from creating and/or maintaining websites/apps that might lead to risk of confusion with the web/mobile presence of LAZADA. The Publisher shall neither be allowed to mirror said presence nor to copy graphics, texts or other content from LAZADA website. It is strictly prohibited to crawl any of LAZADA’s webpages. Any use, by the Publisher, of materials or content from LAZADA web presence or its logos or brands shall require GWM prior written approval.

The Publisher shall be liable, vis-à-vis GWM, for ensuring that its advertising content are neither in direct nor in indirect breach of domestic or foreign third-party property rights or other rights that do not meet any special statutory protection.

Publisher is strictly prohibited to drive SEM and other keyword-based advertising traffic using the LAZADA brand or private labels, to LAZADA’s Product. In other words, "LAZADA" and other similar words which could be misleading as LAZADA must be entered as a negative keyword.

Advertising LAZADA through social media activities (including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) is granted upon request and should not include any trademarks of LAZADA, or display misleading content (i.e. that may look like official LAZADA social media activities).Social media activities through Facebook platform shall be run through a “Fan Page” only and not through a “Personal Page” in accordance with Facebook’s policy.

Publisher shall not set up campaigns on third party Publisher Networks. The Publisher is only allowed to direct its own traffic and/or its own sub Publisher traffic in case of networks, to the LAZADA‘s Product.

Publisher shall warrant that it will set cookies only if advertising material made available by GWM is in visible use on the Publisher’s Website and the user clicks voluntarily and consciously. The use of layers, add-ons, iFrames, pop-up, pop-under, site-under, Auto-redirect advertisements which automatically redirect the user to Advertiser websites without the user’s engagement or action (e.g. click, touch), cookie dropping, post view technology, misleading advertisements that result in misleading clicks that display expected content, shall not be permitted and are strictly prohibited.

Any breach, by the Publisher, of its obligations stipulated in this Agreement or any other industrial property rights or copyrights of LAZADA shall entitle GWM to terminate this Agreement for good cause in accordance with the statutory provisions. This shall not affect any additional claims against the Publisher to which GWM is entitled. In particular, GWM shall be entitled, vis-à-vis the Publisher, to withhold or cease all and any services related to said Publisher.

Publisher Shall remove LAZADA advertising material without delay from the Publisher’s
Website if GWM requests it to do so.

Publisher shall not run any campaigns or post any links directly on any Lazada properties, including the website, app or social media, under any forms.

Publisher covenants that it has and will maintain all licenses, permits, approvals, registrations or the like, to perform the matters contemplated under this Agreement and that it shall carry out this Agreement in compliance with relevant law of Thailand, particularly any local advertising laws, its guiding legislation and legal provisions on data privacy.

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