Gratorama (Wizard LP) - CANADA CPA Offer


Aragon Advertising

Affiliate offer: Gratorama (Wizard LP) - CANADA
Payout: $90.06 ?
Network: Aragon Advertising   - Join Network
Description: Play Gratorama for the chance to win big Jackpots. Up to € 7 free, plus 100% match new player bonus on deposit.
Pixel fires when a NEW user makes a deposit
Traffic types Allowed: Banner, Blog, Pop Ups, Email, SMS, Mobile, Search , Social Media, Text Ads, SEO, In-app
Traffic Restrictions: Incent
Geo: Canada ONLY
Category: Gambling and Games,Gambling - Casino
Country: Canada

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Aragon Advertising is a performance marketing network based in New York and London with 100% direct or exclusive campaigns. We are broadly focused on lead generation, insurance, email submits, education, toolbars, incent, app installs, gambling, games, dating, branded offers, and more.

We build a lot of exclusive campaigns for various advertisers/merchants and can custom build your own splash page or banner set.

Our experience in the industry puts us in a position to refer you to top ad networks and provide tips for getting started with a new vertical or distribution method.

Sign up at today, or contact for any questions.


10/3/2018 1:13:08 PM
Offers: 5
Payout: 5
Tracking: 5
Support: 5

Amazing network. Some of the highest payouts around in the industry. The support that they give is absolutely unbeatable. If you want a network that’s consistent, has your back and delivers goodness from every corner. Then this network is for you! Been with them over a year now. NEVER missed a payment and are always communicative. This network is an absolute 5 star.

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