Adult Dynamic DOI Web Affiliate Programs



Affiliate offer: Adult smartlink DOI Web/Mobile PPL- US,CA,AU,UK,IE,ZA,NZ
Payout: 80.00%
Network: CPAFULL   - Join Network
Description: 20+ offers in rotation.
Convert on DOI and Fresh leads.
and more ...
US - Desktop: 1.60 - 3.50 | Mobile: $1.60 - 2.00
UK - Desktop: 1.60 - 4.00 | Mobile: $1.60 - 2.00
CA - Desktop: 1.80 - 4.00 | Mobile: $1.80 - 2.20
AU - Desktop: 4.00 - 7.00 | Mobile: $2.80 - 3.20
NZ - Desktop: 4.00 - 7.50 | Mobile: $3.00 - 3.25
GB - Desktop: 1.80 - 3.25 | Mobile: $1.20 - 1.60
IE - Desktop: 2.00 - 3.25 | Mobile: $1.20 - 1.60
ZA - Desktop: 2.00 - 3.25 | Mobile: $1.20 - 1.60
Promotion Allowed:Mobile Display, Mobile search, mobile email
Restrictions: co-reg Traffic, Incentivized
Category: Adult,Casual Dating,Dating,Mobile,Mobile Optimized
Allowed Traffic: Email
Country: Australia , Canada , United Kingdom , Ireland , New Zealand , South Africa

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Adult Dynamic DOI Web Affiliate Programs

Adult Dating smartlink CPL WW Description

Paid event: For SOI registration. CPL rate will depend on the geo and device  and can vary from 0,42$ to 9,1$ (mob) and from 0,56$ to 9,1$ (web)
Geo: WW
Procedure for Verification and payment: Verification and payment are provided every week 
Test volume: Each new partner has to fill the test cap 100 registrations. The traffic verification is done only if the test cap was filled. The decision on further cooperation, cap and payout is determined by the result of the test promotion. Verification and payment aren't carried out if the test volume not been reached. In this case the low traffic volume is not sufficient to evaluate the quality of delivered traffic.
Description:  Automatic multibrand dating smartlink offer with dynamic CPL rate for different geo and different devices.
Do not pay attention to the indication of % of Revenue Share, these are the features of technical integration with the client
It is prohibited to use cheating schemes like fake accounts on different chats like badoo etc.
When requesting the offer, It is obligatory to provide:
1. links to your traffic sources and if necessary, be ready to confirm them via a video call.
2. Screenshots of statistics for dating campaigns from other networks or advertisers + contacts of the manager from those networks or direct advertisers for recommendations.
Offer will be opened only with providing the information above.
It is compulsory for all webmasters! before sending traffic, please, look closely at offers' terms and follow them. If anything is unclear or several terms require additional discussion (sources, creatives, approach etc), please, contact your AM to resolve all issues before start running the offer. Otherwise you will personally take responsibility in full for the way you work and the promotion results.