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Track and record any affiliate program shown throughout Affscanner using are unique 'Offer Watch' feature


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Receive instant email notifications when a higher CPA or commission becomes available for any affiliate program tracked


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Save time and effort having to manually check your affiliate networks and boost your online earnings overnight

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Contact us via Skype or Email to discuss how we can help instantly increase your affiliate networks exposure.

Listing your network on Affscanner offers affiliates instant access to search your affiliate programs, view detailed network info and read unbiased affiliate network reviews. Affscanner acts as a funnel to attract targeted affiliates that operate within your relevant verticals / niche’s and sends them directly to your network. Providing unlimited opportunities to grow your customer base.

Affscanner offers dedicated account managers + on going technical support to help manage your network listing. We offer advertising options such as banner advertising, sponsored listings (offers & network), advertorials, email blasts and social media shoutouts to enhance your promotional campaigns.

Whether your company is large or small we have options for everyone, so please reach out and we’ll do our best to find a find a solution that meets your needs.

CPA Affiliate offers

Comparison what Affscanner offers to Affiliates or Networks

Compare CPA Affiliate offers
Are you an Affiliate?

Easily search and compare affiliate offers

View all networks that list your affiliate offer in one place and assess which network is actually worth joining

Easily Filter returned offers using enhanced filters section

Save time and effort sorting through your affiliate offers allowing you to focus on what's important, running your online business

Track any affiliate offer using Affscanner's exclusive' Offer Watch feature

No need to manually search for offers, if a higher commission becomes available for your affiliate offer we'll be the first to let you know

Read unbiased affiliate network reviews from actual affiliates who've got or had experience of working with them

Make an informed decision before you join a new network, not just one based on CPA or commission alone.

Are you an Affiliate Network?

Get your affiliate network listed on Affscanner and significantly increase your online exposure overnight

Get access to thousands of new affiliates instantly, the potential to grow your affiliate customer base is limitless

Manage your network listing directly via your own personalised Affscanner member's area

Create the message you want your network to deliver and ensure all your network info is kept up to date

Be the first to read your affiliate network reviews and be the first to reply to any comments left

Find out what affiliates really think about your service and focus on building up your network rating

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Search CPA Affiliate Offers

Search CPA Affiliate Offers

Affscanner utilises a smart search functionality based on concepts taken from the major search engines. Receive predictions for any affiliate offers, affiliate networks, or affiliate verticals you're trying to search for as soon as you start typing.

Filter the returned results via network rating, payout, network, vertical, allowed traffic & payout type using a series of inter linked filters. This makes for great user experience and allows you to quickly refine all returned affiliate offers.

Compare CPA Affiliate offers

Unlike competitor sites, Affscanner enables you to easily compare all related affiliate programs from all other affiliate networks in one place and easily switch between them when required.

This easy comparison of affiliate offers provides an enhanced user experience, saving you the affiliate both time and money

Review CPA Affiliate offers

Just because an affiliate network offers a higher CPA for your affiliate programs doesn't mean it's always the best reason to join it.

Instead Affscanner enables you to make an informed decision about whether or not to join a particular network based on real affiliate network reviews from real affiliates that have got first-hand experience of working with them.

CPA Affiliate offers

Tired of manually searching for the best paying CPA offer for your affiliate programs, or frustrated by accidently stumbling across them whilst checking your affiliate network reports.

Well thankfully those days are now behind us! Affscanner's unique 'Offer Watch' feature allows you to track and record any affiliate offers shown on Affscanner and receive instant email notification's when a higher commission becomes available. Simply click the offer watch logo when you see an affiliate program you'd like to track.

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