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ShareASale is a privately held Illinois, USA Corporation since April 2000, located at Chicago, IL. ShareASale provides award winning technology and service which will enable you to connect with a network of established Affiliates as well as recruit new ones to your program. There are currently over 2,500 Merchants plugged in to the ShareASale Network. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling – and each is ready to commission you on that sale if you bring a customer to them.

The idea – and the implementation – are simple. You decide which merchants to promote and how to promote them, and when commissions are generated, you can see your stats in real-time. All payments are consolidated from the programs you participate in, and are paid with one check or direct deposit by ShareASale. ShareASale has a strict “No Software” policy which means you will not have to deal with affiliates utilizing Adware, Toolbars, or other desktop software.
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Preply [CPS,CPL] WW Description

Preply is a marketplace where students from all over the world can find one-on-one online tutors for personalized learning programs.
This is a First Click Attribution program where our affiliates get a commission (% of our revenue) for every new student who purchases the first lesson with a tutor and if the planned lesson has taken place.
The payout is 54% of our revenue and you will get paid for the purchase of the first lesson by a new student who comes from your website and if the planned lesson has taken place.
As a marketplace, we are also looking for highly relevant and motivated Teachers(Tutors). This is a program where our partners get a commission for every new Teacher who completed the registration and pass our Approval process(passed Tutor Success team approval). There are three different tiers ($28, $49 (additional bonus $21) & $70 (additional bonus $42)).
You will get paid for the new Teacher who comes from your website, completed the registration, and pass our Approval process(passed Tutor Success team approval) only from our tiers list countries below (Subject/Nationality/Payout): 
french CA $70
french CH $70
german CH $70
german DE $70
dutch NL $70
czech RU $70
italian IT $49
japanese JP $49
Korean CA $49
Korean KR $49
english US $28
english CA $28
english GB $28
english MX $28
english VE $28
spanish CO $28
spanish CL $28
spanish ES $28
spanish PA $28
spanish MX $28
french FR $28
portuguese BR $28
russian RU $28
Our cookie life is 30 days. 
Promotional methods are banners, text links and emails - feel free to reach for HTML files.

Preply [CPS,CPL] WW Terms


  • Contextual ads, especially for brand keywords: preply, преплай, препли, приплай and its misspellings such as "preplay" etc.

  • SMS, Emailing traffic

  • Traffic related to SPAM

  • Pop-up and pop-under ads

  • Automatically redirect users to any page URL`s from promoting offers (websites that auto-redirect the page without user action)

  • Use techniques that intercept traffic (adware, browser extensions, apps that activate once someone is visited our website)