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100+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginners 2020

100+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginners 2020


If you happen to be like me, your primary goal from affiliate marketing is to generate commissions from the affiliate programs that you promote. So that upon waking in the morning and checking your stats, you wake up to see something like this:

Betfair Affiliate Program Earnings

You turn on your laptop or check your phone and find a generous £400+ in your affiliate account from last week’s sales.

If you want to learn how to capitalise on this ever-growing affiliate market yourself, projected to reach nearly $7 billion in 2020, we recommend you read on.

The following list of affiliate programs covers evergreen categories such as web hosting, VPNs, website builders, finance, travel, fitness, beauty and fashion.
We also cover newly trending verticals such as marijuana/CBD oil, cryptocurrency, video games, music and sports.

If you haven’t yet created a website to make money from affiliate marketing, when starting out I recommend you opt for a word press site. You can check out my in-depth web hosting reviews to help you get started with your affiliate site.

Or to save you the time, you can set one up with Bluehost for as little as $2.95 a month.

Why should I trust these affiliate program reviews?

I’ve been working in the affiliate industry and as an affiliate myself for over 10 years.

Throughout this time, I’ve tried and tested multiple affiliate programs from multiple niches and through trial and error and hard results I know what works and what doesn’t.

I only recommend the best affiliate programs that I’d personally promote myself. These affiliate programs have stood the test of time and clearly stand out amongst the rest.

If you want to make money from affiliate programs then you’re certainly on the right path, read on as this article is for you.

To get straight into it, let’s take a look at my #1 pick – Fiverr

#1 Best Overall Affiliate Program: Fiverr

If you’re a webmaster, online marketer, social media influencer or work in any other genre of digital marketing, you’ll most likely have come across Fiverr.

Known to many as the Amazon of digital services, Fiverr has come on leaps and bounds in recent years to establish itself as the No.1 freelance services marketplace for online businesses.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Due to the sheer volume of bases it covers, Fiverr is very easy to promote and this alone makes it our #1 best affiliate program.   

Joining Fiverr affiliate program allows you to promote the biggest online marketplace for freelancer services. From content writing, logo design, social media management and optimization to website development, SEO and online marketing services, the options are truly endless.

By promoting such services, affiliates can earn up to $150 for each first-time buyer brought to Fiverr, or up to a staggering $1000 per sale if opting for their $10 CPA/ 10% revshare split hybrid model, with service prices going up to $10,000.

Currently listing over 3 million digital services to promote across 250+ categories, it’s for this reason combined with their high pay-out that Fiverr gets my #1 vote as the best affiliate program.

Sign up now as a Fiverr affiliate

Ok, let’s take a look at the full list.

Disclaimer: In this article I have used some affiliate links in places that allow me to generate a small commission at no expense to you. However, please understand that all programs listed in this guide have been personally vetted by myself. Each program has been personally selected as I believe they are the best affiliate programs for generating revenue.

Table of Contents

What Are the Best Affiliate Programs?

Arguably an evergreen niche, web hosting has to be one of the most popular affiliate marketing niches today. All new websites require web hosting. Affiliates that start out blogging, writing about starting an online business or online marketing, normally join web hosting affiliate programs as their first port of call.


BlueHost Affiliate Program

To successfully promote a web hosting platform, it’s vital that you have familiarity with the tool. Don’t go on commission alone when choosing a web hosting affiliate program. For optimum conversions, the platform should be simple to use with reliable features and most certainly be the best recommendation for your traffic.

Web hosting companies are due to remain and offer some of the best affiliate programs around. This is why web hosting affiliate programs make it to the top of the list.

Here’s an overview of my top 5 high paying hosting affiliate programs:


1. Bluehost

The Bluehost affiliate program is without doubt one of the most popular web hosting affiliate programs around. With monthly hosting plans starting at just $3.95/month and one-time cpa pay-outs coming in at $65+, the conversion barrier is low, and the cpa pay-outs are high. 

This makes them a suitable choice for affiliate bloggers to make money online. Upon joining their program, referrals will be cached for up to 45 days from first click, giving you 45 day for them to convert to a sale. Minimum payment is set at $100 and payments are made from the 16th to the end of the month.

Promoting Bluehost gives the promise of high conversion rates and their platform provides banners and links to help you achieve this quickly. They provide great customer service and their affiliate managers are clearly in the know. This is why Bluehost affiliate program gets my #1 top pick for best web hosting affiliate program. 

For a more comprehensive review of the Bluehost Affiliate Program please read my full review

If you haven’t yet launched your affiliate website, follow the link below to get 50% discount of your Bluehost plan.

Get started with Bluehost

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is another great web hosting service that offers affiliates up to $150 per sale based on a tiered pay-out structure. 

Affiliate commissions range from $60 at the lower tier, with the opportunity to earn up to $150 if hitting top tiers. Hostinger offers huge discounts of up to 90% on hosting packages for small business start-ups and WordPress sites, meaning hosting plans start for as little as $0.99/month. This has led to excellent conversion rates for the platform.

The same as other web hosts, Hostinger provides text links, banners and promotional tools to help affiliates easily get started. To top it off, their program has no caps on payments nor on the number of referrals you can send.   

If you haven’t yet launched your affiliate website, follow the link below to get 50% discount of your Hostinger plan.

Check out Hostinger

3. Cloudways

Cloudways web hosting platform is another popular web hosting affiliate program offering high pay-outs, recurring ongoing commissions and three different payment models for affiliates.

For single one-time pay-outs you can earn up to $125 per sale if hitting the top performance tier. Alternatively, you can opt for their hybrid model and earn $30 per sale plus an additional 7% in lifetime revenue from customers monthly sales.

Cloudways operates their own in-house affiliate program complete you’re your own performance dashboard, allowing affiliates to track clicks, conversion’s and sales in real time.

In addition, they provide excellent customer support and offer numerous resources to help with promotion such as optimised mailers, monthly newsletters, training guides, blog posts and articles. Their affiliate managers are also very proficient and will go out their way to help you boost your earnings.

You can start promoting Cloudways affiliate program by using the following link.

Get started with CloudWays

4. HostGator

HostGator web hosting affiliate program offers affiliate up to $100 per sale based on user sign ups and provides helpful features such as co-branded landing pages and offers.

For instance, check out my HostGator landing page where I offer readers up to 40% off their monthly HostGator plans.

In addition, HostGator affiliate program offers you the chance to maximise your earnings with their tiered commission structures. The more referrals you send their way, the more commissions you will earn. You can opt for either their performance-based modal, or alternatively their hybrid commission model to benefit from recurring payments as well.

Like other web hosting affiliate programs, you’ll be assigned a dedicated affiliate account manager to help assist you. The program comes with promotional tools like text links, banners, high quality articles and email landers to help boost your earnings. Let’s also not forget they’re an excellent web hosting platform for new affiliates and website owners as well.

Join HostGator

5. GreenGeeks

If you’re audience is environmentally conscious, GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program is the perfect choice for you. Not only user friendly but environmentally friendly as well, GreenGeeks web hosting platform is a trail blazer when it comes to looking after the environment. Are you aware that your affiliate website has its own carbon footprint? Well GreenGeeks most certainly is and to change that their promising to replace 3x the amount of energy that’s consumed by the grid as renewable energy credits instead. How cool is that!

By joining GreenGeeks affiliate program, you’ll be able to earn up to $125 per sale going on your performance and traffic delivered. Over the past few years, GreenGeeks has paid out over $3.5 million to their affiliates and with more people looking to the environment their expected to pay-out a lot more.

Like other web hosting affiliate programs, GreenGeeks offers dedicated account managers and affiliate marketing tools to assist you. Their network comes with helpful reporting features to give you the best chance of success. To round it off, Greengeeks affiliate program has no minimum sales targets that you must reach, meaning your payments can be released anytime.

Get started with GreenGeeks

6. WP Engine

WP Engine web hosting affiliate program offers one of the highest pay-outs within the web hosting niche, starting at a considerable $200. WP Engine is a premier web hosting platform targeted at bloggers that write about topics such as WordPress plugins and themes and they’re a very powerful web hosting platform.

Their affiliate program consists of multiple pricing tiers and incentives based on your performance. Reach 5 sales and they’ll award you an extra $100 commission, reach 10 and they’ll award you $250 extra. In addition, the WP Engine platform operates a two-tier sub affiliate program, allowing you to earn $50 from any new affiliates that you bring to their platform.

In terms of cookie duration, WP Engine clearly sets the bench mark amongst web hosting affiliate programs, offering 180-days of cookie duration. This means you’ll be awarded for sales for up to 6 months after a user has clicked on your affiliate link. If I had to look for a negative with WP Engine affiliate program it would solely come down to the price of their product. Their web hosting packages tends to be more expensive than competitors and this may result in lower conversion rates. Although the $200 per sale is likely to make up for this and this may explain why its set so high.

I know affiliates that have worked with the WP Engine affiliate program. I’ve been informed that the affiliate managers within this platform are competent and have the interests of their affiliate’s success in mind.

Get 3 months free when you sign up to WP Engine using the following link

Join WPEngine

7. Liquid Web

Liquid Web operates its own in-house affiliate program and pays affiliates 150% of the sale value. The majority of conversions for this web hosting platform will come from their WordPress hosting packages. However, if you target your promotional campaigns correctly, you can expect some to come from their dedicated or cloud hosting as well, meaning huge commissions can be made.

Generally, affiliates can earn anywhere between $150 - $7000 for each sale from the LiquidWeb affiliate program providing lucrative opportunities for affiliates.

Their affiliate account managers are really on the money from my experience and their two-tier sub affiliate program gives additional opportunities to make money from sub affiliate referrals.

On the whole, Liquid Web affiliate program is a great web hosting affiliate program and an excellent choice for affiliates who are looking to earn big pay-outs. Follow the link below to get started with Liquid Web

Get going with Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Website Affiliate Programs

Bigcommerce Affiliate Program

Following on from web hosting affiliate problems, website affiliate programs come in at a close second when it comes to marketing digital products. In particular website builders, sites such as Wix and Squarespace instantly come to mind when thinking of popular website affiliate programs in this niche, alongside out the box e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

The first step for bloggers who intend to create a website is to setup web hosting, the same logic applies to businesses who often require a more robust solution for their website. Out the box solutions such as Shopify and Wix help meet this need.

Websites tend to remain online for some time, often 2 years or longer if successful. Website affiliate programs offer affiliates potential recurring monthly revenue for years, and due to this their known to have high lifetime value (LTV). SaaS companies who operate affiliate programs can afford to pay-out over 100% of monthly sale fees to affiliates for this reason. Paying out high commissions for the first few months, since they focus on long term revenue.

Here’s my take on the best website and ecommerce affiliate programs:




Cookie Duration

1. BigCommerce


90 days

2. Shopify


30 days

3. Wix


30 days

4. Weebly

30% recurring

120 days

5. Sellfy

25% recurring

90 days

6. 3dcart


45 days

7. Site123


30 days


Wix is clearly doing something right, with a jaw dropping 100 million users this high-quality website builder dominates the website affiliate program market. Offering up to $100 per sale to affiliates and with unparalleled popularity their Wix affiliate program is a great choice for any affiliate looking to earn big bucks.

Their program comes complete with well-crafted landing pages to optimise your conversions and the best part is multiple languages are covered if targeting global traffic.

If you’re an affiliate and don’t yet have a website and want to bypass getting your site built via Fiverr freelancers or WordPress. Wix is a great choice if you’re looking for a drag and drop website builder to build your own simple website.

Get started with Wix Affiliate Program

2. BigCommerce


BigCommerce affiliate program is another excellent website affiliate program. Built as a SaaS e-commerce platform BigCommerce currently has over 60,000 merchants in their inventory, testament to the sites growing success. Many merchants regard BigCommerce as the top choice for e-commerce platforms due to their advanced functionality and extensive built in features.

Currently offering a substantial 200% payment for purchased plans their e-commerce affiliate program provides lucrative opportunity’s for driven affiliates. Affiliates can earn $60, $160, $250 or $1500 based on the customers purchased plan. They offer a 90-day cookie window to capture latent referrals and provide all the promotional methods you can expect from a reputable affiliate program. Affiliates have access to text links, banners, newsletters, pre-defined content templates and even SEO advice. Let’s also not forget dedicated affiliate managers to help manage your account.  

The sheer volume of merchants already operating on this platform should serve as a vote of confidence when choosing to promote this BigCommerce e-commerce affiliate program.

Join BigCommerce

3. Shopify

Shopify dominates the ecommerce website builder market, being the worlds most popular site in this field. Currently hosting over 400,000 merchants on their platform, Shopify affiliate program pays a generous 200% commission to affiliates based on paid stores.

With their reputation preceding them, the Shopify brand delivers consistently good conversion rates for affiliates. This coupled with their website features, promotional tools and helpful affiliate FAQ’s makes them a great choice for affiliates looking to promote in the ecommerce affiliate program market.

Get started with Spotify

4. Weebly

Weebly offers a more simplified website builder boasting a substantial user base of 40million+ users. As mentioned, they’re not the most sophisticated web site builder operating in the market, but their simple drag and drop interface is more than sufficient to build a quick and easy website. Offering 30% recurring commission for lifetime customer activity and a generous 120-day cookie window makes Weebly affiliate program a justified choice for affiliates.

Visit Weebly

5. Sellfy

Sellfy is a fully packaged ecommerce tool created to serve bloggers and like-minded creators who wish to sell subscriptions, digital products and tangible goods. Sellfy affiliate program is offering affiliates 25% commission for recurring sales for a one-year period. Their known to have a competent affiliate manager which can help out with content and strategy.

Join Sellfy

6. 3dcart

3dcart is a rapidly growing out the box ecommerce solution that runs its own in-house affiliate program. 3dcart is currently offering affiliates a substantial 300% commission for paid conversions. The 3dcart affiliate program is known to deliver consistent conversion rates for affiliates and their affiliate managers are known to be very helpful

Get started with 3dcart

7. Site123

Site123 affiliate program is another well-established website builder interface that enables users to create responsive mobile friendly websites. The platform is considered to be very easy to use and it harbours a variety of unique out the box website templates. The Site123 affiliate program is currently offering affiliates up to $182 in single pay-outs with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $300 for payments.

Visit Site123

VPN Affiliate Programs

VPN Affiliate Programs

Since 2012, its been noted that up to a quarter of global internet users have used a VPN on a monthly basis and that this market has only continued to grow. With VPN use growing in popularity and becoming mainstream it naturally makes sense to look at VPN affiliate programs. Now is the perfect time to jump on this ship as VPN prices plummet alongside technological advances. VPN’s in simple terms make a user’s internet connection private, allows them to change their perceived location and this allow users to remain anonymous whilst browsing online.

VPN use is no longer confined to techies and internet nerds, in an era of increased downloads, streaming and online activity, people seek not only access to information but also privacy as well. This makes VPN affiliate programs extremely appealing to affiliates that work across many different affiliate niches, since many sites can recommend protecting user privacy and information. 

I personally hold my hands up to jumping on the VPN bandwagon and wrote a whole post covering the 15 best VPN services online. I’m an avid of fan of the VPN, it allows me to secure my information when browsing the web on public wifi and it enables me to watch Netflix when I’m out of the country and travelling abroad. It helps me with my online businesses and in particular SEO, since I can check search engine results, site keywords and site rankings from country’s all over the world.

As VPN affiliate programs offer their services to users on a monthly subscription basis, affiliates can earn on going recurring revenue from their VPN campaigns for vast lengths of time. VPN affiliate programs tend to offer affiliates long term recurring payments or substantial one of single payments due to the nature of their payment and subscription models. This is a win win for affiliates looking to promote a VPN affiliate program and this explains why they’re currently one of the most popular verticals to work in when it comes to affiliate marketing. When it comes to choosing a VPN service to promote there’s some excellent choices around.

Here’s my picks for the best VPN affiliate programs

1. IPVanish

IPVanish is a long-standing VPN and holds acclaim to being the best VPN service in the current VPN marketplace. To top this off they offer some of the best affiliate pay-outs in the VPN affiliate program vertical. They currently offer the following pay-out models for affiliate sales based on user purchases.

Monthly subscriptions are credited at 100% of the sale value, followed by 35% recurring revenue for additional months. 3-month subscriptions are credited at 40% of the sale value, followed by 35% recurring revenue for subscription extensions. 1- and 2-year subscriptions are credited at 40% of the initial sale value, followed by 30% recurring revenue for subscription extensions.

Wish to browse anonymously, get 73% off IPvanish with following link

Get started with IPVanish

2. ExpressVPN

Started in early 2009, ExpressVPN has been a popular choice for users who wish to browse anonymously and protect their privacy whilst browsing online. The ExpressVPN affiliate program is known for offering very high single one-time pay-outs to affiliates based on user plans.  

User plans start at $13 a month and are heavily discounted if longer subscriptions are purchased. For instance, 6-month plans are just $22 and 12 month plans are an absolute bargain at $36.

All of the above makes ExpressVPN a great choice for your VPN affiliate program and an excellent choice for users as well.

Want to try ExpressVPN yourself, follow the link to get a 49% discount of your subscription

Join ExpressVPN

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is another very popular VPN affiliate program who’s heavily invested in marketing its VPN service. The NordVPN affiliate program pay-out model for affiliate’s is based on the subscription plan that users opt for. NordVPN is currently paying affiliates 100% of the subscription fee for monthly sales, then 40% of the sale value for 6 months, yearly and 2-year subscription packages.

Their affiliate program offers dedicated account managers who are focused on building the NordVPN brand and they’ll work with you to help achieve this. This coupled with higher than normal conversion rates for a VPN affiliate program makes NordVPN a great choice for affiliates to promote.

Promote NordVPN

4. StrongVPN

StrongVPN has been around since the early 2000’s and remains to this day a very popular VPN affiliate program. Their affiliate program offers affiliates up to 200% of the initial sale value generated and the program sends payments to affiliates monthly.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN has taken a motivating twist on its affiliate program, encouraging affiliate engagement with its platform through the use of incentives, rewards, contests and custom notifications for sales. Like other VPN affiliate programs in this list, PureVPN currently offer affiliates 100% in commission for the first month’s subscription, or 40% recurring commission for longer subscriptions purchased.

Get started with PureVPN

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

While it can’t be understated that some of the best affiliate programs around offer single one-time CPA pay-outs. It also can’t be dismissed that recurring revenue plans for affiliates can be extremely lucrative as well. These affiliate programs work by offering recurring revenue on a monthly basis based on a user’s monthly subscription package. Recurring revenue affiliate programs can offer high life time value to affiliates and this is why I’ve included them within this list.

Here are my choices for the best recurring revenue affiliate programs:

1. Pabbly

Pabbly Affiliate Program


Pabbly affiliate program offers affiliates 30% lifetime recurring commission based on each sale made. They offer a 30-day cookie window and offer first payments on earnings within 40 days.

Pabbly offers a broad range of products to promote including subscription billing, email verification, email marketing, form building and more. If customers switch products then you’ll still continue to receive on recurring revenue from the new product as well. Pabbly offers revenues on all cross-product sales regardless of the initial product referral making it a great affiliate program.  

Pabbly Plus is known to be their highest converting product, containing every Pabbly app with unlimited features included, for the price of a single product. Pabby affiliate program offers great potential earnings to affiliates, offering a minimum pay-out of $183 per single Pabbly sale.

High commissions combined with an easy to use Pabbly interface for affiliates make Pabbly an ideal recurring affiliate program.

Promote Pabbly

2. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a well-known podcast host offering a 20% recurring pay-out on all sales made. They offer a free $20 Amazon gift card incentive to attract new users making it easier for you to convert potential prospects into revenue generating sales. To top it off they have a great marketing team which can help you with creatives and promotional materials and for this reason Buzzsprout makes the list.

3. Thinkific

Thinkific is an online course provider where site users can sell their own online courses and generate revenue from their course subscribers. Thinkific affiliate program offers a steady 20% recurring revenue based on sales made. The site is easy to use and offers valuable course information to a global receptive audience.  

4. IpVanish

One site to make it two times onto this list is IPvanish and their outstanding VPN affiliate program. IPVanish is worth mentioning again since it offers some of the highest recurring pay-outs within the VPN niche and their VPN service is arguably one of the best on the market. Not only that they offer excellent support, which is mainly down to their excellent affiliate manager.

5. amoCRM

amoCRM as mentioned in the name is a customer relationship management software based around a live chat messenger service. The amoCRM affiliate program is currently offering affiliates up to 35% lifetime recurring revenue, jumping up to 50% when affiliates reach $10k in earnings. This recurring affiliate program offers very high commissions and potential lucrative earnings.

6. Leadpages

A valuable tool for anyone working within the affiliate marketing sector. Leadpages is a well-known tool that helps online marketers build web landing pages and forms with strong calls to action to help optimise your user conversion rates. The LeadPages affiliate program currently offers 30% lifetime recurring revenue for user sales.

7. Teachable

Another great addition to the online course providers platform is Teachable, a popular site that enables website owners, bloggers and YouTube moguls to promote their online courses and generate revenue from course subscribers. The Teachable affiliate program is currently offering 30% recurring revenue to affiliates.

8. GetResponse

Getresponse is an email marketing affiliate program that offers 33% recurring revenue to affiliates via their Getresponse affiliate program. They offer an excellent service for email marketing and this makes them a worthy addition to this list.

9. SEMRush

If you’re familiar with seo tools then you’re most likely familiar with SEMRush and their renowned seo services. SEMRush allows website owners and anyone interested in SEO to track keywords, monitor rankings, check back links, review potential back link sites, track competitors and a whole lot more. SEMRush is currently offering partners a generous 40% recurring commission via their Berush affiliate program. High commission rates combined with being an excellent product in its own right makes SEMRush a very attractive seo affiliate program.

10. Aweber

Another software tool for email marketing is Aweber and their email marketing affiliate program. Aweber currently offers affiliates 30% recurring revenue via their affiliate program. Aweber is an ideal email marketing tool for website owners and businesses due to its ease of use and great out the box email template’s.

11. ConvertKit

Aimed mainly at bloggers, Convertkit makes the list for best recurring email marketing affiliate programs due to its great tools and features. Convertkit is currently offering 30% recurring revenue to affiliates.

12. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a social media management affiliate program and post scheduling tool that offers great benefits to online marketers. PromoRepublic are offering 30% recurring revenue on their social media affiliate program. Average monthly earnings for affiliates currently ranges from around $80 - $1500. They are also known to offer performance bonuses to top affiliates and frequently provide sharable coupons to help you attract new users and generate sales.

13. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a popular WordPress theme library made up of nearly 100 easy to use themed templates aimed primarily at bloggers. Over the years Elegant Themes has attracted a customer base of over 500,000 users and its popularity continues to grow. With blogging now an essential part of online marketing this makes Elegant themes affiliate program an ideal platform to promote. Affiliates receive 50% recurring commission for promoting Elegant Themes putting it in the highest paying affiliate programs.

14. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is your go to all in one influencer marketing tool helping affiliates to build email lists, perform outreach, identify influencer emails and scale up your promotional efforts. Latest research shows that NinjaOutreach affiliate program offers 20% recurring commission to affiliates, a drop from their previous 50% but still a great recurring affiliate program nevertheless.

15. SpyFu

Another SEO tool that’s worth a mention is SpyFu, a great piece of SEO software that provides invaluable competitor insights and analysis. SpyFu allows online marketers to track their competitors top keywords and adjust their SEO strategy accordingly. SpyFu affiliate program offers a lucrative 40% recurring commission to all partners making it worthy of making the list.

16. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is a landing page builder and a popular one at that. Currently Clickfunnels offer a 40% recurring commission to affiliates via their affiliate program. Clickfunnels are known to have an intuitive affiliate dashboard complete with numerous creatives that can assist you when promoting this recurring affiliate program.

What are Recurring Payments?

When the payment is “recurring,” it doesn’t just occur once, but repeatedly as long as your commissioned user is still a paying customer. Recurring income programs pay their commissions monthly because of the customer retention rate. Most recurring programs are software as a service (SaaS) advertisers whose platforms require a monthly subscription.

Recurring payment means the payment doesn’t just occur once, instead you’ll continue to earn commission from your referral for as long as they remain active. For example, if your referral pays on going monthly payments, you’ll continue to earn commission from every monthly payment made. In affiliate marketing, recurring payment affiliate programs normally come from software as a service or (SaaS) advertisers which require users to opt into a monthly subscription.


Recurring Affiliate Programs Explained


When promoting monthly subscription affiliate programs, affiliates should expect to earn significantly more than the single monthly fee. Monthly subscriptions offer affiliates high customer lifetime value, since referrals will often continue with the service, generating on going revenue for months on end.

Due to this expected behaviour, advertisers tend to offer two payment models based around their service or product. A single one-time pay-out that exceeds the initial monthly fee or a smaller recurring monthly payment based on a percentage of the monthly subscription fee.

There are pros and cons to both single and recurring pay-out models and neither one is the best. Affiliates like both and it really comes down to personal preference.

One-time Pay-out Pros and Cons:

Pro: You receive a significant payment for your effort upfront, often exceeding 500% of the single monthly subscription fee.

Con: You lack on going earnings and building up a residual income stream. This may result in lower earnings that could have been significantly higher due to long term life time customer value.

Recurring Commission Pros and Cons:

Pro: You can build up a loyal customer base of regular monthly earners meaning income can be more stable and easier to forecast. Earnings may also be significantly higher overall when you factor in lifetime customer value. Of course, this is dependent on high retention and low referral churn rates. 

Con: It takes longer to build up your earnings since you need to build up a number of regular monthly earners. If your customer churn rate is high this may offset any of the benefits associated with lifetime customer value and it could result in lower earnings.


Travel Affiliate Programs

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

Everyone likes to travel and travel is around to stay, excuse the oxymoron. From flights to hotels, to Airbnb and love home swap, the travel affiliate program market is huge and travel will always be an evergreen niche. This, coupled with the fact that more people are booking their travel itinerary’s online than ever before, makes travel a perfect affiliate market for affiliates. There literally is a travel affiliate program for everyone so why not ride the travel wave and cash in too.

Let’s say you’re a fan of travel or even better you’re a travel blogger that hosts its content to an audience of captive readers. Whilst mentioning the hottest destinations, weekend city breaks and idyllic getaways you can recommend hotels, travel itinerary’s, cheapest flights and travel equipment and earn commission from each referral.   

The travel affiliate market is great, since it gives you the option to cross sell travel products and services and you can customize promotions around your content. You may wish to integrate a hotel booking site into your travel blog and recommend the best hotels based on recommended travel activities and sight seeing trips. For example, you may run a niche travel blog on “Best things to do in London”, you write blog content on London sightseeing, nightlife, best restaurant’s and family activities and promote suitable hotels based around these.

Travel review sites that recommend destinations, things to do and best hotels offer interesting content for readers. You’ll normally earn commission from hotel referrals either at the time of booking or when the guest’s checkout.

Here are my top picks for best travel affiliate programs:




Cookie Duration

1. TripAdvisor


14 days

2. Travelpayouts

Up to 80%

30 days

3. Expedia


7 days

4. Marriott


7 days

5. Travelocity


45 days

6. Priceline


30 days



7 days

8. Hilton


7 days

9. Hotwire


7 days



On browser close



1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a hugely popular travel review site that focuses on accommodation recommendations and things to do. This travel site allows users to read hotel reviews and book hotels, find best restaurant’s and make reservations and read reviews on the best things to do at the destination of their choice.

TripAdvisor affiliate program makes No.1 spot as best travel affiliate program due to its massive popularity and huge pay outs offered to affiliates. Currently TripAdvisor is offering a staggering 50% commission on referral booking fees based on a 14-day cookie window.

2. Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts have established themselves as the go to site for affiliates who are looking to monetize their travel website using travel affiliate programs. Travelpayouts mantra clearly states this claiming to be the “The ideal travel affiliate program to monetize your travel website” and I’m inclined to agree. They focus on all things travel choosing only the best converting travel affiliate programs and securing huge pay outs for their partners.

Their travel affiliate network works with the likes of Airbnb,, and a number of other top travel partners. With affiliate commissions for some advertisers reaching as high as 80% and the quality of their partners, its for this reason that they make No.2 on the list. Note average commissions tend to be lower at 1.6% for flights and 6% for hotel bookings with a 30-day cookie window.

3. Expedia

Expedia is a top player in the travel industry and acts as a parent company to many of the travel affiliate programs in this list. They have a massive travel property inventory, allowing affiliate partners to promote nearly 300,000 bookable properties from 150+ websites over 70 countries worldwide. Due to the sheer scale of their reach, Expedia affiliate programs makes 3# on my list.

4. Marriott

Marriot is a well-known hotel brand that allows affiliates to promote hotels across the globe via their travel affiliate program. Marriot is currently offering affiliates 3% commission for holiday package bookings and 4-6% commission for hotels with a 7-day cookie window.

5. Travelocity

Travelocity is a global travel site that compares prices on travel services and accommodation and its widely known for its price match guarantee. Travelocity is currently offering 2-4% commission to affiliates via their affiliate program with a lengthy 45-day cookie window.

6. Priceline

Priceline is another travel comparison site that compares prices for global travel services such as flights, hotels and more. Priceline is currently offering 3-5% commission to affiliates via their Priceline affiliate program with a 30-day cookie window.

7. compares hotels and accommodation across countries worldwide and they operate an impressive 85 websites across 35 different languages. This hotels comparison site has a massive user base with around 15 million members in their rewards program alone. The affiliate program offers 4% commission to affiliates within a 7-day cookie window.

8. Hilton

Hilton is a luxury hotel brand that operates on a global scale and targets the upper end of the market. They have an impressive number of luxury hotels in their inventory being able to accommodate guests across many countries worldwide. Hilton is currently offering 4% commission to affiliates via their hotels affiliate program with a 7-day cookie window.

9. Hotwire

Hotwire is targeted at the discount traveller who’s looking to secure a cheap deal. This travel comparison site provides last minute travel deals to users mainly focusing on cheap flights and discounted hotel bookings. The hotwire affiliate program currently offers 2% commission to affiliates within a 7day cookie window.

10. is a globally recognised travel website that covers every travel service needed. offers single deals or complete travel packages on hotels, flights, car rentals and airport transfers. They offer a huge portfolio of travel accommodation on a global scale, currently amassing to around 2.2 million properties. is a very popular travel comparison site and they offer 4% commission to affiliates via their affiliate program. The only downside to promoting to is that they have no cookie window, the cookie simply expires when the user closes their browser window.

Disclaimer: In this article I have used some affiliate links in places that allow me to generate a small commission at no expense to you. However, please understand that all programs listed in this guide have been personally vetted by myself. Each program has been personally selected as I believe they are the best affiliate programs for generating revenue.


Finance and Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Bank Rate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

It’s a little-known fact that in some countries the number of credit cards exceed the number of people. To put this into perspective, Transunion consumer credit reporting agency state that in the United States on average there are currently 2.69 credit cards per person. If one thing stands out from this message, its clear that US citizens like to spend money that they don’t actually have. Bearing this in mind, it’s clear that smart finances and good credit scores are now more important than ever since many are just a month’s pay check away from dipping into the red.

Affiliates can capitalize on the popularity of this credit seeking culture and seek to help consumers manage their credit and finances. Affiliates can review credit cards, loan companies, mortgages and accounting management tools and provide solid recommendations to help consumers manage their finances and improve their credit scores.

With credit cards being so popular, credit card review sites along with credit card affiliate programs have to arguably one of the most profitable niches. However, affiliates can also target B2B affiliate programs and recommend accounting software as well.

Finance and banking affiliate programs cover a wide range of niches, meaning there’s a lot of choice for affiliates. One thing is clear however, they offer some of the highest paying affiliate programs around.

Here are some of the top niches when it comes to finance affiliate marketing:


1. Bankrate Credit Cards
Note: CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA offers based on the type of credit card

Note: Affiliate network connecting you with credit card offers

Commission: Many different pay-outs based on the type of credit card

4. Commission Soup
Note: Affiliate network connecting you with credit card offers

5. Equifax
Commission: $10-40
Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Freshbooks
Commission: $5 cost per lead, $55 per customer
Cookie Duration: 120 days

7. Liberty Mutual
Commission: $3-17 cost per lead, based on the type of insurance

8. NetQuote
Commission: $2.50-20 cost per lead, based on the type of insurance

9. QuickBooks
Commission: 7%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

10. TransUnion
Commission: $20
Cookie Duration: 45 days


Fitness Affiliate Programs

BowFlex Affiliate Program


If you’re an avid fan of fitness, maybe you’re into sports, bodybuilding, weight loss tips, six pack abs, cardio or cross fit. Then you’ll be sure to find fitness affiliate programs from fitness companies that you can promote and earn a generous commission from them.

Maybe you run a fitness blog, are an Instagram model or provide You Tube work out videos. Whatever your affiliate marketing channel, the fitness market is massive and there’s no end to fitness products and companies that you can promote.

Working with companies such as Bowflex offers you the chance to earn high commissions by recommending their high order value fitness products. Products such as treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes offer very high commissions with significant earnings per click and provide an excellent revenue stream for affiliates. 

Fitness companies offer some of the highest paying affiliate programs and fitness products and services have huge appeal across all ages and demographics. For these reasons alone fitness affiliate programs have made it onto this list.

Here are my top picks for best fitness programs:




Cookie Length

1. Ace Fitness


30 days



9 days

3. Bowflex


3 days

4. Life Fitness


30 days

5. ProForm


30 days

6. TRX Training


30 days










1. Ace Fitness

Commission: 8% of sales

Commission: 15% for new customers, 5% for returning customers
Cookie Duration: 9 days

3. Bowflex
Commission: 7% of sales, AOV is over $2,000
Cookie Duration: 3 days

4. Life Fitness
Commission: 8%+
Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. ProForm
Commission 8-11% of sales

6. TRX Training
Commission: 8% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days


CBD Affiliate Programs


THC University Affiliate Program

Following recent changes in legislation, Marijuana is now legal in more US states than its not. Medical Marijuana is currently legal in 33 US states and Michigan is the 10th state to follow suit and legalize Marijuana for recreational consumption.

Following this growing trend, numerous Marijuana products have emerged for sale with particular emphasis on CBD, CBD Oil and Marijuana related products. CBD products are beginning to enter mainstream markets and now is a great time to capitalize on this growing trend and promote CBD affiliate programs.

CBD is a rapidly growing emerging market, offering high paying affiliate programs to savvy affiliates. Unlike normal marijuana use, CBD products appeal to a much wider audience helping with conditions such as anxiety, depression and pain relief. This makes CBD affiliate marketing a great new affiliate market to enter.

Here's my top picks for best CBD affiliate programs:


1. Seedsman
Commission: 15% of sales

2. Grasscity
10%, plus 5% of sub-affiliate sales

3. Green CulterED
Commission: 60%
Cookie Duration: 365 days

4. Seedsman
Commission: 15% of each sale

5. THC University
Commission: $25 per student
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Crypto currency and Bitcoin Affiliate Programs


Binance Affiliate Program

Following last year’s huge exponential growth in the value of Bitcoin and the vast media attention surrounding it, cryptocurrency emerged from the deep dark corners of the web to become a mainstream household name. Many who previously shied away from this new unknown currency soon became traders themselves, buying up Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum on the various exchanges.

I myself got caught with the Crypto bug, buying up various currencies and coins on
Binance with the hope of hitting it big and I have to admit, it was well, rather addictive.

Although the crypto market has slowed some recently, the hype surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general has not slowed to the same degree. With many people now familiar with these previously unknown terms. This has made Cryptocurrency affiliate programs a profitable market to get involved in. 

Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing programs tend to be based around recurring revenue referral programs. Where you make a cut of the commission on every currency trade for the 1st year or more. Other options include referring users to various cryptocurrency digital wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.

One thing is certain, Blockchain and Bitcoin technology are not going anywhere and its must certainly here to stay. Cryptocurrency affiliate programs offer a great affiliate marketing niche to get into offering huge pay-outs if you hit it big.  

Here's my picks for highest paying crypto currency affiliate marketing programs.

1. Binance (referral program)
Commission: 20% of referral’s trade fees, 40% if holding 500+ BNB
Pay-out: Pay in real-time to Binance account

2. Coinbase (referral program)
Commission: When a user buys $100 of BTC, receive $10 of BTC
Earning period: Once per customer

3. Ledger Wallet
Commission: 10% of the net sale amount
Pay-out: Pay-out in BTC, with 0.1 BTC minimum pay-out amount

Commission: 20% of the user’s trading fee per trade
Earning period: 1 year from the user’s registration date

5. Trezor Wallet
Commission: 20% of sales


Gaming and Twitch Affiliate Programs

Twitch Affiliate Program

Gaming affiliate programs are in abundance, if you’re an avid gamer who uploads gaming YouTube videos or maybe you’re already a Twitch streamer, you’ll find no shortage of gaming affiliate programs to promote.

Twitch affiliate program has been a god send to gamers, enabling gamers across the globe to capitalize on their existing fan bases. Twitch has provided the necessary tools to allow gamers to monetize their sites or video channels via audience subscriptions and video game sales. It really has brought gamers one step closer to reaching financial freedom.

The barriers to entry with Twitch affiliate program are low and this makes it ideal for gaming affiliates who wish to monetize their gaming content. Twitch requires gamers to have at least 50 Twitch followers, at least 500 broad casted minutes of video gaming footage over last 30 days, with at least 3 simultaneous viewers.

If Twitch doesn’t take your fancy then don’t sweat, since there are a number of alternative video gaming subscription services to promote such as Gamefly. A gaming affiliate program that offers you commission for new trial referrals and video game sales.  

The gaming affiliate market is hugely popular so look for a gaming affiliate program that matches your needs and interests. If you’re interested in the game yourself, you’ll passion will show through when you go to promote it.

Here are my top picks for highest paying gaming and twitch affiliate programs:


1. Astro Gaming
Commission: 5%
Cookie Duration: 180 days

2. Fanatical
Commission: 5%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

3. G2Deal
Commission: 10-20% on software, 3% on other products
Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Gamefly
Commission: $15 per trial sign-up, 5% for new games, 10% used games
Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Twitch
Commission: 50% of subscriptions, 5% on game sales


Disclaimer: In this article I have used some affiliate links in places that allow me to generate a small commission at no expense to you. However, please understand that all programs listed in this guide have been personally vetted by myself. Each program has been personally selected as I believe they are the best affiliate programs for generating revenue.


Fashion Affiliate Programs

ShopStyle Collective Affiliate Program

Fashion appeals to all ages and demographics, making Fashion affiliate programs an excellent market to operate in. Online marketing channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest provide the perfect marketing platforms for fashion affiliates, allowing you to promote the latest fashion trends to a global audience of receptive viewers. By recommending sought after fashion products, affiliates can earn good commission from them.

When promoting fashion products, it’s advised that you hone in on a specific niche. Fashion affiliates should aim to establish authority within their specific area, becoming the go to resource within your sub set of fashion.

Upon selecting your niche, you should look for fashion affiliate programs that match your chosen style, selecting brands which appeal to your target audience and chosen demographic. There are literally 1000’s of affiliate fashion programs to choose from and sites such as RewardStyle and ShopCollective can help you find fashionable products if need be.

Fashion affiliate marketing is all about the style and brands, so keep this in mind when deciding on your Fashion affiliate programs.

Here are my top picks for best Fashion Affiliate Programs:




Cookie Duration

1. Eddie Bauer


7 days

2. H&M


30 days

3. JNCO Jeans


30 days

4. Lane Bryant


15 days

5. ModCloth


45 days

6. MVMT Watches


15 days

7. Newchic


60 days

8. Nordstrom


7 days

9. Stitch Fix


7 days

10. True Religion


7 days

11. Warby Parker


45 days















1. Eddie Bauer
Commission: 5% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

2. H&M
Commission: Up to 7.4%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. JNCO Jeans
Commission: 20%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Lane Bryant
Commission: 5%
Cookie Duration: 15 days

5. ModCloth
Commission: 7%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

6. MVMT Watches
Commission: 10%
Cookie Duration: 15 days

7. Newchic
Commission: Up to 18% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days

8. Nordstrom
Commission: 2-20%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

9. Stitch Fix
Commission: 4%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

10. True Religion
Commission: 7%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

11. Warby Parker
Commission: 20%
Cookie Duration: 45 days


Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs

Avon Affiliate Program

It’s known in affiliate marketing that the most successful beauty affiliates and influencers have mass followings on their blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Social Media Channels. In fact, it’s not uncommon for top beauty influencers to have audiences of 1 million + following their Instagram pages.

In this era of increased Social Media, demand for beauty tips and products has skyrocketed, with captive audiences eagerly awaiting the latest cosmetic tips and beauty product reviews.

The most successful beauty and makeup affiliates tend to offer interactive content to their users. Showing tutorial videos on how to apply makeup and carrying out visual product reviews discussing the pro’s and cons of the latest beauty products.

The demand for beauty and makeup products is huge and there’s no shortage of beauty and makeup affiliate programs to match this. Commissions for Beauty products tend to vary a lot, ranging from 2 – 10% depending on company and brand. It’s important therefore that you’re selective when deciding upon your beauty and makeup affiliate program. Last but not least, remember to choose a brand and program that matches your personal style, since your passion for the product will show.

Here are my top picks for the best beauty affiliate programs:




Cookie Duration

1. Madison Reed


30 days

2. Avon

Up to 10%

30 days

3. Beautytap

7.5% + bonuses

7 days

4. BH Cosmetics


60 days

5. L’Occitane en Provence


45 days

6. Sephora


24 hours

7. Ulta Beauty


30 days











1. Madison Reed
Commission: $20
Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Avon
Commission: Up to 10%, average is 3%

3. Beautytap
Commission: 7.5% + performance bonuses
Cookie Length: 7 days

4. BH Cosmetics
Commission: 8%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

5. L’Occitane en Provence
Commission: 2.5%
Cookie Length: 45 days

6. Sephora
Commission: 5-10%
Cookie Length: 24 hours

7. Ulta Beauty
Commission: 2-5%
Cookie Length: 30 days


Music Affiliate Programs

Guitar Center Affiliate Program

Music affiliate programs are great to promote since there is arguably a music genre for everyone, it’s a rarity to find someone that doesn’t like music at all. Music streaming services are very prevalent these days and include the likes of Spotify.

The music industry has many specialised product niches and specialist affiliate companies covering composers, artists, music teachers, sound engineers, vocal coaches, music equipment and more. With all of these specialist niches, it’s clear that you’ll find high paying music affiliate programs that you can earn revenue from.

For instance, a music teacher could recommend online music courses to help complement their lessons. A sound engineer could recommend products and carry out music equipment reviews covering microphones, guitars, audio equipment and more. A fan of music may recommend new artists and best music streaming services to access them. There are numerous options within this niche to generate profit from music affiliate programs.

Remember your audience is likely to know their stuff. So, make sure you do your research and only recommend the best music products and services to ensure you build a loyal audience.

Here are my picks for the best high paying affiliate programs in the music industry.

1. Guitar Center
Commission: 6%
Cookie Duration: 14 days

2. Musician’s Friend
Commission: 4%
Cookie Duration: 14 days

3. Sam Ash
Commission: 7-10%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

4. Singorama
Commission: 70% on instant downloads, 40% on shipped course
Cookie Duration: 60 days

5. zZounds
Commission: 6% + bonuses
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Sports Affiliate Programs

Dicks Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

Sports affiliate programs are a lucrative market to be involved in. With the sports industry forecasted to exceed $80 billion in 2020 it’s not hard to see why. Sports generate revenue through multiple channels including sports equipment and merchandise, media rights, sponsorships, betting and an increase in fantasy sports platforms.

The sports affiliate market is by no means saturated and with mass appeal on a global scale, you can dip your toe in the revenue pond and earn a profit from your sports recommendation’s and referrals via sports affiliate programs.

Maybe you’re a fan of sports or run a sports blog, you can recommend sporting equipment to improve performance and carry out product reviews and earn commission from your recommendations. Maybe you’d like to put your sporting knowledge to the test and recommend top picks for fantasy football teams and earn commission from the likes of FanDuel and Draft Kings.

Sporting products are by no means the biggest niche in affiliate marketing but if you have an existing sports blog, why not take some extra time to monetize your content with the inclusion of sport affiliate programs.

If you go down the sports affiliate marketing avenue, we recommend that you focus on a specific sports niche. Use your in-depth knowledge to become an authority site in your specific area and give credence to the sports products that you promote.


Here are my picks for best high paying sports affiliate programs.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods
Commission: 5% on average
Cookie Duration: 10 days

2. Draft Kings (referral program)
Commission: 40% of referral’s net gaming revenue first 30 days, 25% days 31+

3. Fanatics
Commission: Up to 10%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

4. FanDuel
Commission: $25-35 per signup, 35% rev share for referrals’ first 2 years

5. Sports Memorabilia
Commission: 9% of sales
Cookie Duration: 365 days

6. TaylorMade Golf
Commission: 5% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Under Armour
Commission: 5% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Affiliate Marketing Programs for Pinterest

SendOwl Affiliate Program

As of May 2017, Pinterest has allowed affiliates to place affiliate links within their Pinterest pins as opposed to going via their own blogs. This novel change opened the doors to many affiliates, allowing them to generate revenue through affiliate marketing without the need for high website traffic.

On the other side of the coin, this also enabled top influencers that operate within the niches of Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle to reach the goal of 200 Million + Pinterest followers more easily.

Pinterest is very popular, so popular in fact that nearly a third of US adults use it and over 90% of Pinterest users admit to using the site to plan their purchases. This alone justifies Pinterest as a very viable profit-making affiliate marketing channel.

Initial Pinterest marketing strategy is relatively simple, simply sign up to networks that house affiliate programs and products that match those that users consume on Pinterest. Popular Pinterest niches include food and drink, women’s fashion, health and fitness, DIY and home décor.

Here are some top affiliate networks to join for Pinterest:

1. Amazon Associates

As mentioned, you can now promote and sell any product found on Amazon directly via your Pinterest pins. In order to be accepted to Amazon affiliate program, you’ll normally need to have a live website or active blog, this is the case in the United States.

Amazon provides access to millions of different of products that you can promote and you can earn up to 10% commission on each product sale. Although Amazon is not a network in the traditional sense, they have a huge product range and they offer banners and help with posting links if required. 

When users click your Amazon affiliate links, Amazon will pay-out on any product a user purchases in their session and not just the product you sent them too. This feature of receiving cross product referral commission, really makes Amazon affiliate program great. Plus, the perks don’t stop there, if a user adds a product to their cart and it remains in there, you’ll receive commission on that product for up to 90 days if a purchase is made.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest companies with an unrivalled product range to match. This along with its excellent features and generous revenue streams for affiliates makes Amazon affiliate network our No.1 pick.

Note: The eBay partner network offers a similar approach to Amazon and eBay too has a massive product range of over 1 billion products that you can promote as an affiliate. At present eBay offers affiliates between 50% to 70% commission on the sale value via its eBay affiliate program. However, Amazon still stands out as the better affiliate network, since eBay only offers commission on purchases made within 24hrs of a user’s eBay visit.

2. Shareasale

Shareasale has remained a top 20 network in the affiliate marketing sphere for over 5 years now and this is reflected in its popularity amongst affiliates. Shareasale network offers a wide range of affiliate programs for the most popular brands across verticals such as fitness, fashion, food and drink, home and garden and many more. With nearly 4000 affiliate programs in their inventory, ShareaSale hosts an impressive collection of offers for affiliates to promote and the opportunities to earn revenue are limitless.

3. SendOwl

If content creation is more up your street and you want to try your hand at selling eBook’s and online courses on Pinterest, then SendOwl maybe the network for you. SendOwl is perfect for this and ­­gives you the additional option to sell memberships since SendOwl is integrated with three top membership sites.


4. ShopStyle Collective

If you’re into Fashion and want to promote Fashion accessories and clothing on Pinterest then ShopStyle Collective is an ideal network to work with. The ShopStyle affiliate program offers an easy to use interface and great tools for reporting, making it the perfect choice to build up your loyal target audience.


What Are Affiliate Programs?


Affiliate programs are simply business relationships between an advertiser or brand which wishes to sell their products, and an affiliate which wishes to promote them. The advertiser offers a commission to the affiliate for any sale generated and the affiliate promotes their brand on their own platforms in return for said commission.

This normally works by the affiliate placing a text link to the advertiser on their own site, and if anyone clicks through and makes a sale the affiliate receives their commission. Agreements between advertisers and affiliates vary and some networks offer higher cpa pay-outs for specific advertisers than others.

Affscanner has solved this problem and compares the highest paying affiliate programs from similar advertisers across multiple networks.


What is an Affiliate Program

For affiliate marketing to work, there are three main parties:

  • The Advertiser. i.e. The company or brand that wishes to promote their products
  • The affiliate. i.e. The website or blog owner that promotes the advertisers in products in return for commission
  • The client, the website visitor who clicks on the advertiser link and makes a purchase (The client generates the revenue for all parties involved)

How Can I Join Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs tend to be In House, i.e. directly associated to an advertiser and website or via an affiliate network. A lot of brands choose networks over In-House promotion to gain instant brand exposure and often the CPA deals on affiliate networks can be significantly higher than those found In House.

Self-hosted In-House affiliate programs come with their own set of reports and tools. In house programs are often adopted to avoid network costs and they come with their own set of features, reporting and customer service. Simply type in the website name along with affiliate program to find them, alternatively search on Affscanner’s affiliate program search to view all network affiliate programs and make a more informed decision.

On the other side of the coin, affiliate programs can be found on affiliate networks which house programs from hundreds of different brands. Here you can find links to each advertiser and view their commission and terms on one single platform. You can view advertisers across different verticals to find affiliate programs relevant to your niche, view reports, get links and view earned commissions in one single place.

Regardless of your whether you choose a network or In-House promotion, affiliate programs are either manually approved or automatically approved when you choose to join them. Some affiliate programs will accept any affiliate no matter what experience, others however will require manual approval from affiliate managers upon checking your suitability, experience and promotional platforms.

What Are the Requirements to Join Affiliate Programs?

In the majority of cases you’ll need a live website in order to join affiliate programs to prove that you can promote them. You’ll also need a suitable payment method to receive payments such as a bank account or payment wallet such as PayPal. If you have a large Social Media following or email mailing list then you may bypass needing a website altogether. However, I highly recommend having a live website as well if you’re serious about getting into affiliate marketing.

Its very important that your live website is well designed, SEO optimized, responsive to mobile devices and has a business email associated to your site. It’s also important that your site is secure with an SSL certificate installed for a HTTPS domain.

What Do You Look for in High Paying Affiliate Programs?

The first thing that comes to mind is the commission amount, you should check which networks the affiliate program can be found on and compare the pay-outs across each network. Remember you’re trying to find which affiliate network pays the highest amount for your chosen affiliate program. Previously this used to be a time-consuming task, but our affiliate program search engine has worked to solve this issue.

Once you’ve identified the list of networks, the next step is to check the reputation of the network itself, again a simple task by reading our affiliate network reviews left by actual affiliates themselves. Remember just because a network offers the highest paying affiliate program doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice to work with. If the network is known for poor tracking, withholding pay-outs and incompetent affiliate managers then it may be best to look elsewhere.

Of course, pay-out amount and network reviews aren’t the only factors to consider when choosing your affiliate program. It’s worth spending a little bit of extra time to look at some other key metrics as well such as average order value (AOV), Earnings per click (EPC) and cookie duration. Let’s take a look at these metrics

1. Average order value (AOV)

Average order value is given away in the name, this affiliate marketing metric is calculated by adding up your total revenue earned from an affiliate program and dividing the amount by the total number of orders. This will give you the Average Order Value for your affiliate program.

This metric is useful when you’re stuck on which particular brands to promote in a given vertical or niche. For instance, some advertisers in the hosting niche may reward a significantly higher order value than others and this metric can help you choose which affiliate program to go with.

2. Earnings per click (EPC)

Earnings Per Click is another excellent affiliate marketing metric which shouldn’t be overlooked. EPC shows affiliates how much they can expect to earn from each click to an advertiser’s site from their affiliate link. Earnings Per Click is calculated by dividing the total commission earned by all affiliates on a network by the total number of clicks sent to that affiliate program. This gives an average EPC which affiliates can view to forecast expected earnings for that affiliate program.

EPC is a great metric that helps affiliates set AdWords click spend for specific advertiser AdWords Ads. It also allows affiliate to identify which network offers the most lucrative earnings for their chosen affiliate program. If a network offers a higher pay-out but their overall EPC is lower than affiliate programs on other networks, then it may be best to choose the one with the highest EPC.

3. Cookie duration

When a user clicks an affiliate link a tracking cookie is placed on their computer or mobile device to track any advertiser purchases made. This cookie is used to track advertiser purchases within a set timeframe and this is referred to as cookie duration. For instance, if the cookie duration is 30 days, the cookie will track any user purchases within that 30-day period regardless if the user initially visits the advertiser site and then leaves. If the user makes a purchase within the 30-day period, the affiliate will receive commission for that sale.

Cookie durations vary in length, at the lower end they can be just 7 days going right up to 90 days or longer with the average cookie duration being around 30 days. For the purposes of affiliate marketing I recommend that you look for affiliate programs with longer cookie durations. You also want to look for programs that have high pay-outs and good EPC.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Content is king in affiliate marketing and you don’t want to just randomly choose affiliate programs based on high pay-outs alone.

1. Make sure you promote products and services that you truly love and understand.

Having limited knowledge of the programs you promote will most likely go against you. On the other hand, if you have a passion for your chosen affiliate programs then this will show through in your content. You will have higher quality content and this will lead to higher conversion rates.

Web users are smart and fake product reviews and recommendations will quickly be picked up on. Make sure you are honest and authentic in your approach, try to tell personalised stories based on actual product or service experiences. This will help you create authority within your niche and be accepted as a go to resource.

Remember that user interests and desires are transient. What’s all the rage this month could be something entirely different next month and this brings me onto our next point.

2. Do your Research to identify emerging categories.

As it stands today, Fashion takes the top spot as the most popular affiliate marketing category, with nearly 20% of affiliate campaigns found within this niche. This is followed close 2nd by sports and health and beauty campaigns.

Alongside these evergreen niches has seen a number of new categories emerging, including the likes of CBD products, virtual reality, drones, cryptocurrency, dating apps and many more.

If you consider yourself a natural matchmaker, budding cupid or relationship guru, one emerging category right up your street could be the dating app affiliate market. Competition amongst online dating sites and in particular dating apps has surged in recent years and many platforms are turning to the affiliate market to help leverage demand and sales for their 

These are of course mobile app affiliate programs and with mobile internet use now exceeding that of desktop it’s worthwhile that I mention mobile affiliate networks.

3. Mobile networks are gaining a strong hold.

Mobile networks have significantly grown in popularity over the last couple of years as mobile affiliate marketing becomes evermore popular. This growing trend has seen an increase in mobile CPA affiliate networks and other companies that specialise in push notification traffic. These networks help mobile savvy affiliates deliver mobile traffic to mobile sites and mobile apps.

You now know how to find the best high paying affiliate programs and what metrics you should consider when choosing them. Now let’s point you in the direction of some of the best affiliate networks that you can use to easily find them.

Affiliate Networks

You could go to a search engine like Google and search for individual programs to join, scour the Internet for hours, and eventually discover ones that match your interests.

You could try the first port of call for most internet users and search for networks and individual affiliate programs via search engines. But why bother when you can join just a handful of networks and find 1000’s of affiliate programs across all verticals in one single place. These networks collectively list over 10,000 affiliate programs and you can view commissions, EPCs, cookie durations and more for your selected affiliate programs.

What are affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks act as a middle man platform for advertisers who want to sell their products online and affiliates who want to promote said advertisers’ products on their website.

Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between advertisers and affiliates, allowing advertisers to instantly expose their brand to 1000’s of affiliates by listing their brand on the network. On the flip side, affiliates use networks since they can view affiliate deals from 100’s of different advertisers on one single platform.

Affiliate networks agree set commission deals with advertisers for listing them on their network and offer a slightly smaller commission amount to the affiliates that want to promote said advertiser. In return the affiliate networks take the small cut of commission left over from each sale generated in return for acting as the middle man.

Affiliate networks are an excellent choice for affiliates who want to partake in affiliate marketing since they can view all of their affiliate links, reports and commissions earned in one single place.

How do I choose the best affiliate network?

The network that you choose ultimately depends on your overall strategy and the types of products you want to promote. With an almost unlimited amount of options, you need to pick the ones that match your niche and drive the most revenue.

The best affiliate network for you is highly dependent on the affiliate programs that you want to promote and may differ to other affiliates. Affiliate networks tend to specialise in niches or offer affiliate programs from a variety of different verticals. Ultimately there are endless options and you need to look at your overall strategy and chosen niche to pick a network which helps you generate maximum affiliate revenue.

Here are some pointers to look at when picking the best affiliate network for you.

1. Does the network list a lot of advertisers in your niche

There are 100’s of networks online and many specialize in a particular sub set or niche such as dating, fashion, health and beauty. Others however list products from multiple verticals with huge product inventories. Make sure you do your research and choose a network which lists affiliate programs that you are excited to promote and that match your niche and target audience.

2. Only work with networks that are 100% Free

In all my years of affiliate marketing I have yet to come across an affiliate network that charges me to join. With this in mind make sure you NEVER sign up to a network that charges you to work with them. Affiliate networks earn fixed fees from advertisers that wish to list their products with them, these include set up fees, monthly listing fees and not to mention a percentage of affiliates sales.

Remember you are helping the network to earn them revenue and you should always keep this in mind. If the network is trying to charge you to join, customer service is poor or they withhold your payments. Turn away and never look back as there’s plenty of other reputable networks that you can work with.

3. High levels of customer support

As previously mentioned, you as an affiliate help to generate revenue for the network every time you make a sale. Networks should always treat you with respect and provide you with excellent customer service. Their customer support should remain transparent and go out of their way to help you maximise your earnings, find better landers, provide info on payments and new campaigns etc.

Look for a network which has all of the above and provides answers to your questions quickly. If you find you’re dealing with incompetent affiliate managers or they’re not getting back to your questions then walk away. As mentioned, there’s 100’s of networks so you can always find a better option if need be.

4. Look for high paying affiliate programs

Once you settle on a network that lists merchants in your niche, make sure you check the affiliate programs to see if they offer high pay-outs. Average earnings from affiliate programs range from 5% - 30% so look for programs within this range. Look at the amounts and make some rough estimates to see how much you can potentially earn from working with said network.

My Top Picks for Best Affiliate Networks?

We’ve covered what you need to consider when settling on the right affiliate network for you. To round this section of here are my top picks for the best affiliate networks to work with this year.

ShareaSale Best Affiliate Network

1. Shareasale


Shareasale is a huge affiliate network that tops this list with nearly 4000 merchants in their inventory and well over 1 million affiliates on their network. Their popularity is clearly testament to their success. They are a leading pioneer in the affiliate industry and they’ve been established for 20 years. Shareasale has numerous top verticals on their network including food and drink, fashion, home and garden, B2B affiliate programs and many more.

They’ve been a leading figure in the affiliate marketing industry and their network provides a host of great features and tools. These include training guides and webinars, affiliate marketing classes, top merchant recommendations, marketing tools and excellent customer support to help you maximise your revenue.

With years of experience under their belt Shareasale’s technology is top notch and their tracking is very reliable. The Shareasale platform is easy to use and intuitive offering affiliates quick access to merchants, affiliate links, reports and customer support. Shareasale has built a strong reputation in the industry for offering transparency, excellent tracking and great merchant choice and this makes them ideal for any affiliate wishing to venture into affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking to take the leap and start out in affiliate marketing then I highly recommend
Shareasale as your first go network when picking an affiliate network to work with. This also applies to merchants who maybe looking for a suitable network to list their brand on.

2. Alternative Best Affiliate Networks

Other great affiliate networks to work with for any affiliate include the likes of Awin, Viglink and FlexOffers. These networks all have huge merchant lists covering multiple verticals and you should be sure to find affiliate programs that cover your niche.

Best Affiliate Programs Summarized

Regardless of the best affiliate programs you choose to work with. Remember that great high paying affiliate programs can be found across numerous categories so you’ll be sure to find affiliate programs that match your passion and interests.

When selecting your affiliate programs, make sure you take key metrics into account such as pay-out rates, average earnings per click (EPC), average order values (AOV) and cookie durations. Remember to also consider the pay-out model, does the affiliate program offer single pay-outs or recurring commissions.

And most importantly, make sure you choose affiliate programs and niche based on your interests and what you’re passionate about. This will keep you motivated in the early stages when building up your affiliate marketing channels, content and user base.

To get started, remember your first goal is to build your affiliate website.

I hope you’ve found this affiliate marketing guide useful and I wish you all the best on your affiliate marketing journey.


Having been an affiliate for over 10 years, i know all too well the challenges that affiliates face on a day to basis, from maintaining your campaigns, checking reports to liaising with affiliate managers, sometimes the life of an affiliate can be chaotic. I'm here to offer free advice to anyone that needs it and hopefully build on my own skill set in the process as well. We hope you like the Affscanner site and welcome any feedback you may have.