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Affiliate offer: Wink Bingo: Real Money Games (CPA) (iPhone 11.0+) GB - Non incent
Payout: $28.80
Network: ReGaming   - Join Network
Description: With our exclusive bonus you can really get to grips with the many different bingo rooms available, as well as our vast catalogue of online slots! Flow: CPARestrictions:
No Fraud, No incentvized cashback, No Incentivized Virtual currency, No E-mail, Marketing, No Lead generation, No Illegal streaming, No Torrent sites, No Adult Traffic, No social network, No Push notification, No Pob unders, No SMS, No Offline, No ContextualKPI: D+1 Retention 30%, D+7 Retention 10%; Less then 10% won't be paid! Fraudulent conversions will be scrubbedIn-app activity and CTIT are monitoredPLS note that hourly CR for NON-INCENT offers should be 1-2%. Otherwise traffic will be considered as incentivised and may be scrubbedThe vast majority of conversions are to be delivered from the newest versions of OS Model
Category: Gambling and Games,Games
Allowed Traffic: Email, Mobile
Country: United Kingdom

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