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PS5 Affiliate Programs

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Get the new PS5 - SOI (US)

Get the new PS5 - SOI (US)

  • US
Email and Zip Submits
Get the new PS5 - SOI (US) Offer watch
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Affiliate Program - Get the new PS5 - SOI (US) Description

Enter your email for a chance to win a prepaid visa gift card to purchase the new PS5!
Offer converts on email submit
Any usage of the word "Free" or promotion via SMS/WAP is strictly prohibited in any advertisement associated with our exclusive promos.
PrimeRewardz PS5 SOI (US)

PrimeRewardz PS5 SOI (US)

  • US
Vouchers and Freebies
PrimeRewardz PS5 SOI (US) Offer watch
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Affiliate Program - PrimeRewardz PS5 SOI (US) Description

Take a Survey, Receive a PS5 With a Prepaid Visa Gift Card!
Offer converts on completed SOI.
No email traffic. No SMS traffic. No incentivized traffic.
PS5 - SOI - CPL - US (*)

PS5 - SOI - CPL - US (*)

  • US
Vouchers and Freebies
PS5 - SOI - CPL - US (*) Offer watch
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CPA Affiliates Network
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Affiliate Program - PS5 - SOI - CPL - US (*) Description

Take a Survey and Win a PS5
Conversion Requirements: Converts on Registration with valid details and Email Submit
Offer Cap: None Assigned
Restrictions:No EmailNo RebrokeringAny usage of the word "Free" or Promotion via SMS/WAP is strictly prohibited in any advertisement.Infractions will result in removal of all earnings, possible termination of account, and potential legal liabilities.
Allowed Promotions
PPC / Search advertising (No Brand Bidding)
Web Display
Social networks advertising
Social networks Apps
Media Buy
Disallowed Promotions
No Rebrokering
Incentive Traffic
Email traffic (opt-in basis only)
Adult traffic
PopUp / Under Advertising
Doorway pages
SMS traffic
In Apps Advertising
Click Under
Push – advertising
Toolbar – advertising
Virus Traffic
Tracking Requirements:
Affiliate Networks or affiliates working with sub-affiliates MUST pass the Publishers ID into the "sub1" parameter, you may use "sub2" for your unique Click ID.
Additional size creatives may be available - Please contact support or your Affiliate Manager with your requirements.
Payment Terms:Due to advertiser lead adjustment reporting and payment cycle, this offer is on Extended Payment Terms.
Payment of commissions for this offer are Net35.
Please be advised that the advertiser reserves the right to cancel all invalid and fraudulent leads / conversions.

Find PS5 affiliate programs, PS5 affiliates, PS5 affiliate offers and PS5 CPA offers from hundreds of PS5 affiliate networks using our sophisticated PS5 affiliate program search engine. When choosing a network, we advise you don’t go on pay-out alone, just because a network offers the highest paying PS5 affiliate programs doesn’t mean it’s always the best option. Before signing up to any of the PS5 affiliate programs listed, make sure you check out the PS5 affiliate network reviews aswell to make an informed decision."