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Frequently Asked Questions

Affscanner is an affiliate offers aggregator and affiliate network directory, complete with unbiased affiliate network reviews left by actual real affiliates. Utilizing a system of sophisticated data feeds, our tech team is able to pull in affiliate offer data from over 85+ affiliate networks and then compare that data to identify the best paying affiliate offers for you. Pretty cool right!
To summarize our Affscanner service allows you to quickly find the best paying affiliate programs for any products or offers you promote, saving you time and more importantly money.   
  • We’re an affiliate offers aggregator (You can search through 85,000 affiliate offers from 85+ networks, view offer pay-out info, landing pages, categories, geos and network ratings)
  • We’re an unbiased affiliate network review site (Read network reviews left from real affiliates and make an informed decision before you join a new network)
  • We’re a free affiliate marketing training hub (Find articles covering all aspects of affiliate marketing, from how to setup a website, how to join an affiliate network, latest industry trends, affiliate best practices and much much more)

 Visit our affiliate offer search page and type in an affiliate program you currently promote or wish to promote. Our software will then instantly identify which network offers you the best commission deal for your affiliate offer, along with all other networks the offer can be found on.

Next click on the affiliate offer name to view more detailed offer info, along with more detailed network info such as real affiliate network reviews. Just because a network offers you the highest pay-out, it doesn’t always mean it’s always the best choice to join. Check that the network has a good reputation first.
To finally get the offer, click the Join Now links for the network and fill in the application form. Once your account is approved, you’ll be able to get your affiliate links for the offer via that network. You will use these affiliate links to promote the offer on your website or via email ect and earn commission when someone clicks through them and completes a certain action.
Tip – If you want to speed up network approval, please contact us via email or skype - affscanner to let us know you signed up with network name, full name and email and we’ll help expedite the application process.   

Remember you can promote multiple offers on each network and always use the Affscanner affiliate offer search when you need to check the offers again. You will also find numerous tips and training guides in our Affscanner blog to help you maximise your earnings. Within a couple of weeks of using Affscanner you’ll be miles ahead of your peers and we’ll always be on hand for free advice whenever you have a question.

No, please note we’re not a network. We’re an affiliate offers aggregator and affiliate network directory. To promote the affiliate offers you must join the associated network via our JOIN NOW links. If you have any questions about a particular offer or network, you will also need to take this up with the network. To clarify, we are not an affiliate network.

Please read the following guides -

 – How to start out in Affiliate Marketing: A simple step by step guide
We also recommend that you read our Affscanner blog to find affiliate training guides, best affiliate practices, industry trends and a whole bunch of other useful tips and articles. Within no time at all you’ll be equipped with the necessary know how to take the affiliate world by storm.
AFFILIATE – The days of manually searching for affiliate offers are over, use Affscanner smart offer search to stay safely ahead of the competition, save precious time and maximise your affiliate earnings by always finding the highest commission for any affiliate offer you want to promote.

Become an affiliate guru within a matter of weeks instead of years by reading our Affscanner Blog covering all aspects of affiliate marketing and best practices.

No, the site is completely free for Affiliates to use and free to join aswell, all’s we ask for is basic details such as name and email upon registration. Definately worth while considering the additional features and perks. 

The affiliate offers are updated on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day, so you can rest assured that you'll always be looking at the best affiliate offers.

Yes, we have traffic from multiple GEOS, mainly our traffic comes from USA, Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Brazil but we also get traffic from many other countries aswell. Affscanner has a global reach and we're happy to work with networks from across the globe

No, we list all types of Affiliate Networks, whether it be CPA, CPI, CPC, CPL, CPS ect

This is not a problem, we will work with all types of affiliate networks

Please complete the network registration form to list your Affiliate Network

If your network already exists on the site, please make sure that you request ownership of the network during registration when entering your network name.
For quicker approvals, please enter an email address which corresponds to the network and contact us after registration to expedite the approval process: Skype - Affscanner
Please make sure all of your network information has been filled in and provide network logo of 108x48 px before contacting us.
On Approval we kindly request that you share your Affscanner Network Review Page on your Social Media outlets. 
Please complete the network registration form and request that you want to list your offers on Affscanner. Make sure you enter the correct tracking software for your network. Alternatively contact us on Skype - affscanner or email – or Contact Form to request this.

Integrating Network Offers

Please contact us via Email or Skype - Affscanner to discuss the cost of integration. Note – This fee will cover the costs of integration, development, testing and maintenance.

We currently welcome offers from all networks - Affise, AffTrak, Cake, Has Offers, OffersLook + Other Networks 

If your network uses In House tracking software please contact us via Skype to discuss this further.
On Approval we kindly request that you share your Affscanner Network Review Page on your Social Media outlets. To receive discounted rates on offer integration please add back link to your Affscanner network review page on your network homepage or footer. Doing this will also significantly speed up the approval process as we often have many networks enquiring about adding their offers.

At the moment this feature isn’t available, however if you can control which offers we can pull then this shouldn’t be an issue. We can also hide some offers manually but we can’t do this for a large number. Please contact us to discuss - Skype - Affscanner 

If your question is related to a certain affiliate offer or network, then you will need to contact the network directly. Remember affscanner is a network directory and not an affiliate network.

NETWORK – List your network in our recognised network directory and instantly boost your networks authority and awareness amongst affiliates. Go one leap further and integrate your networks offers into our smart offer search and instantly expose your network to 1000’s of new potential affiliates overnight.