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Firstly if you don’t already know much about affiliate marketing, we recommend that you read the following article. 

How to start out in Affiliate Marketing with the use of Affscanner

So what is Affscanner?

An Affiliate Offers Aggregator (You can search through 85,000 affiliate offers from 85+ networks, view offer pay-out info, landing pages, categories, geos and network ratings) 

An unbiased Affiliate Network Review Site (Read network reviews left from real affiliates and make an informed decision before you join a new network)

A free Affiliate Marketing Training Hub (Find articles covering all aspects of affiliate marketing, from how to setup a website, how to join an affiliate network, latest industry trends and much, much more) 

But how do i use Affscanner? 

Before you go ahead and search for an affiliate offer, we recommend choosing a product, niche or category that you are already familiar with, something you’re passionate about, even better a product you already love

If you're natually interested, this passion will come across in your marketing and content when you go to promote the affiliate program, driving even more potential sales your way. 

You can use our Affiliate Offer Search shown below to easily find a product or offer that you will be comfortable promoting.

Once you’ve chosen a particular product or affiliate offer, click on the offer name in the search results to go the offer page

Here you’ll find more detailed info on the affiliate offer and also the network where the offer can be found. 

Pay-out – How much commission you will earn from the network per single action

Network – What network you must join to promote the offer

Description What criteria must be met to trigger your commission 

Country – The Country / Countries that you must promote the offer too

Category The vertical / category that the affiliate offers in 

Allowed Traffic – Where you can source traffic for the affiliate offer i.e. mobile, desktop, email etc 

Landing Page – This is an excellent feature, you can preview the offer landing pages before you even join it ...

In addition you’ll find links to the network review pages. Here you’ll find detailed network info, you’ll even find Skype contacts of the affiliate managers plus network reviews left by actual affiliates just like yourself. 

Remember just because a network offers the highest commission for your chosen affiliate offer, it doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice. Be smart with Affscanner and always make an informed decision. 

Still not happy with an offer, no problem. We list over 80,000 offers, simply return to the affiliate offer search and continue until you find one that meets your needs.

Once you’ve settled on an affiliate offer, simply join the associated network to promote the offer and get your affiliate links. Network approval will take around 24 – 48 hrs, sometimes longer and you’ll need to fill in an application form to register. This will involve basic info such as name and address, plus more in-depth questions about your experience level and promotional methods etc…

Here’s a tip, if you want to get approved faster to a network, let us know you signed up and we’ll use our industry contacts to help fast track your application. 

Further info on how to Apply to an Affiliate Network 

Remember to always check the networks reputation beforehand by reading our unbiased network reviews. Left by actual real affiliates, these provide invaluable insight into how the networks really operate. 

Just search our network directory to quickly find them 

So, there you have it guys, some great tips on how to make the most of our Affscanner service and use it to the best of your advantage. 

Be sure to check back as we'll continue to update this post as more new features are added ….

Remember it only takes a minute to join our service, but within just weeks you'll be miles ahead of others.



Having been an affiliate for over 10 years, i know all too well the challenges that affiliates face on a day to basis, from maintaining your campaigns, checking reports to liaising with affiliate managers, sometimes the life of an affiliate can be chaotic. I'm here to offer free advice to anyone that needs it and hopefully build on my own skill set in the process as well. We hope you like the Affscanner site and welcome any feedback you may have.