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Having been affiliates ourselves for a collective duration of over 20 years, we know all too well the trials and tribulations an affiliate can face when it comes to identifying the best paying affiliate offers. And with new affiliate networks popping up on a daily basis, we knew the issue was only going to develop and that something needed to be done.

On countless occasions the same situation would present itself, we'd be checking our affiliate networks stats only to stumble across a higher CPA for one of our affiliate programs merely by chance. Often the difference in CPA commission from one network to another was so great, the overall effect on cumulative revenue would have been huge but we'd only found this out months down the road.

When you're working with over 100 networks, the human task of manually checking these networks becomes somewhat archaic, arguably impossible. We needed a solution to this problem and we needed it fast. Although others had already tried to solve this, we weren't so impressed with the results. The sites failed to provide clear comparisons between similar affiliate programs, provided no affiliate network reviews and altogether seemed somewhat cluttered and outdated.

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